My Lips but Better – Natural, Vegan and Organic Alternatives

There are just some lipstick shades that are perfect. They enhance your own lips in every way. These are the shades that I have found that are ‘My Lips but Better’ shades. I can apply them sparingly for a little flush, or heavier so that they become more a ‘My Lips but Better and Darker.’

Now I have quite darkly pigmented lips, so these probably won’t work for paler people. However, they are still beautiful burnt, rosy tones for anyone to wear. I also have two vegan options for you.


Illusive and Syrah are probably the closest matches to my lips, while 27 Kisses is slightly lighter and pinker. Friday on My Mind swatches quite warm on me.

Illusive and 27 Kisses are not vegan as they contain beeswax. None of these contain artificial colourings, but Syrah does contain some hydrogenated jojoba oil.

L-R: Syrah, 27 Dresses, Friday on My Mind and Illusive




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