Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator Review

I’ve seen Josh Rosebrook every where and while I have been curious, one thing that stopped me was the prices. Josh Rosebrook are truly a luxury brand, from the heavy, white jars to the certified organic ingredients and prices.

I bought this hoping to help clear some of my congested skin but had to hold off trying it for a while, since I’d had such a strong reaction to some other products, but I’ve finally been able to review it.

Josh Rosebrook Natural & Non-toxic Active Enzyme Exfoliator Review. Gone Swatching xo

Active Enzyme Exfoliator – $98.00AUD for 45ml


The ingredients list is so long, I actually managed to miss that it has walnut shell powder. Using walnut shell powder as an exfoliator is pretty divisive, so here’s my take on it.

Any type of physical exfoliant is going to be effective because it removes texture on the surface. You’ll see and feel immediate results, but you don’t see is the damage something with jagged edges is going to cause to your skin. It’s microscopic because no matter how small you make the particles, they can’t be smoothed to a rounded shape.

If I were to use it as a physical exfoliant, then I’d either thin the formula with water or wet my face before I apply, it so it’s not too rough.

I personally hate the feeling of something scraping my skin, so I was a little disappointed but it just means that I won’t be rubbing my face at all!Josh Rosebrook Organic Active Enzyme Exfoliator Review. Gone Swatching xoThe main reason I’d held of trying this was because of the essential oils. The scent is a little strong for me and I had to let my skin settle. It’s been a month or so since my last breakout so I first tested this on my neck and then my face. I’m really happy to report I had no issues with the citrus essential oils, so I’m confident I can keep using it.

I found that the sticky, gloopy texture was quite hard to apply, without smoothing it too much over my skin (to avoid any scrubbing action). I kind of had to glop it on and then pat it over the rest of my face. I didn’t feel any tingling throughout the hour I kept it on, but it does start to tighten a little as it sets. Next I just jumped in the shower and let it rinse away. My skin felt clean and nourished afterwards, without feeling tight or too raw. Since I didn’t scrub my face, I didn’t feel much change in the softness or texture but I’m fine with that!

I do feel that my skin looked brighter the next morning, even though the texture felt the same.

Final Word

Josh Rosebrook Professional Active Enzyme Exfoliator Review. Gone Swatching xoOn their website, it says you can omit the mechanical exfoliation if your skin is inflamed. It gives me confidence that the enzymes alone are effective enough, so while I know I would see and feel more immediate results if I did use it, I’m more than happy to skip it.

I just think it means it’ll take more applications to see any true difference with the congestion around my mouth. I’ll have to keep using it to see it it’s worth the hefty price tag!


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