RMS Beauty Eye Polish Review & Swatches – Myth

RMS Beauty have quite a few products I want to go through, but these eye polishes, especially the Myth shade has been on my wish list for quite some time. I finally bought myself one when I was in America.


The website states these eye colours are:

A veil of sheer metallic hues that gives these unique shadows a glowing, light-reflective finish not seen in traditional eye shadows. They have a subtle, glossy quality, giving them a fashion forward finish that is both flattering and youthful.

Majority of the ingredients are certified organic, but they do not seek organic certification overall. You have 12 months to use up after opening, and they retail for $28.00 USD or $40.00 AUS.


RMS Beauty Eye Polish Review and Swatches - Gone Swatching xo


The packaging is identical to the Lip2Cheek frosted glass jars, with metal lid. You can see the product shade through the bottom, as the label is also clear.

The shimmer is not chunky at all and does not affect the smoothness of the product. Just like all RMS Beauty products there is no scent.


At the moment I sit, cross-legged on the ground when I’m applying my makeup, as I don’t have a proper table and chair. I don’t mind this though, because I pop the jar (lid on of course) behind my knee and let it warm up as I’m applying my foundation and eyebrows. By the time I’m ready to use it, the warmth of my leg has melted the product so it’s easier to pick up. I tried applying this with my finger, but found that I’m over zealous and end up with too much. I apply this with the bdellium tools 777 now and it doesn’t pick too much up.

This is a very sheer product and you need to keep it that way on your eyelids otherwise it ends up feeling thick. I do line my eyes with it and that gives more impact, but even then, it’s barely a medium opacity.



A mink color in the palest browny taupe. Its subtle sheer shimmer can be worn alone over the lids (perfect for summer) or even mixed with any lip2cheek or lip shine to create a beautiful new color palette. Addictive as a highlighter for tanned skin for a natural-looking radiant glow.

RMS Beauty Eye Polish in Myth Review & Swatches. Gone Swatching xo

The camera doesn’t really pick up how shimmery this is, but it’s golden and quite noticeable, especially when you sheer out the cream. I’ve tried the taupe Mesmerize Eye Colour Classic in the shade Flash from Vapour and that has a very pink undertone which looks odd on me. So I was hesitant to buy this as I didn’t want the same thing. Luckily, this taupe is gorgeously soft and light. The gold shimmer makes it a warmer tone and that works wonders with brightening my eyes. I use this as one soft sweep of colour on my eyelids, on the inner corners and I also line the inner portion of my lower lash line with it when I want a little extra hit of sparkle. If used sparingly, I can also tap any left over product onto the high points of my cheek bones and it will give a little glow there.

I have to be very light in application with this otherwise it gathers in my eyelid fold and feels heavy. The less I use, the less it creases and I also try and keep it as close to my lash line as possible. I don’t mind so much about the creases as I can give my eyelids a quick press with my finger tip and it’s gone, but I know it will drive some people crazy.


  • Easy to apply with a brush or your finger
  • Smooth cream
  • Gives a soft, every day wash of colour
  • Good ingredients


  • Product will crease
  • Not vegan
  • If you want stronger colour payoff, you will be disappointed

Final Word:


I really, really like this because of the effect it gives me. I’ve come to realise I’m never going to enjoy full on eye makeup; the reasons being 1) I’m terrible at it, 2) I’m lazy and 3) I feel like it ages me.

This is the perfect colour for me because it’s doesn’t have a pink undertone and it does exactly what I want. It brightens up my eyes and gives a subtle wash of colour that doesn’t look dry, powdery or cakey on me. There’s a big but though. It creases like crazy, especially if I use too much. It also feels heavy and oily. So the light layer I apply is only enough to give a hint of the taupe. Fine by me, because it’s quick.

If you do have eye makeup skills and want a detailed, clean and smudge proof look, then these are not for you. I won’t be buying any other shades as I don’t feel that I need them or I could make them work as one sweep of colour. That said, as an every day, super quick and barely there look, this is perfect for me.

Information taken from Official Website

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