Like most, I shop for makeup at my favourite place … At home … Online … In my comfy yoga leggings, cup of tea in hand with my beautiful cat by my side.

Gone Swatching xo - Green Beauty Blogger, Swatching One Lipstick at a Time

Of course, there’s nothing compared to being able to try, swatch and feel makeup in person, so instead I created Gone Swatching xo, as an online resource for you to find swatches and in-depth reviews on an ever growing range of natural, non-toxic and organic makeup.

Now I’m not doing anything new, but how many times have you looked at a beautifully styled photo of makeup, especially lipstick? How many times have you wondered what it would look like on you?

Like most, I rely on swatch photos provided by companies or other bloggers. There’s such a vast array available, yet I have found it so frustrating that there are very few companies that use models with an Asian skin tone. I hope to change this.

For my own health, I believe that organic and natural is best. I have very sensitive and reactive skin and I would rather go without makeup than use chemicals.

After learning all that I have about the industry I respect the companies that strive to provide ethical, cruelty free and effective cosmetics and skincare.

So wish me luck as I swatch one lipstick at a time, explore new skin care and just share my love for all things makeup.