Vanity & Glamour Cosmetics Natural Baked Minerals Review

I bought these from V&G Cosmetics (again I didn’t want to pay the ridiculous shipping charge). They sent them without compacts and I have put them in my own container. I know that Painted Earth Cosmetics sell them in compacts, which are very similar to the silver one that Makeup Artist’s Choice use.

These blushes are essentially the same as the Colour Splash Baked Mineral Blush. Instead of separate colours though, they are swirled together to give a marble effect.

Organic Certification: 

None. They are vegan, gluten free, paraben free and synthetic dye free.


Mica, Sencite Mica, Jojoba(Simmondsia Chinesis) Seed Oil, Safflower ( Carthamus Tinctorius) Seed Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Extract, Thyme (Thymus Vulgaris) Extract, Green Tea (Camelia Sinesis) Extract, Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate), Rosemary (Rosemarinus Officcails) Leaf Extract, Magnolia Bark (Magnolia Officinails) Extract. May Contain Iron Oxides.

The ingredients on the V&G Cosmetics also list dimethicone but I believe this is a mistake due to the fact that the products are identical. I also have not broken out and I normally do if I use dimethicone.


As they are baked, I do not believe they have an expiration.


$25.00 US for one pan or 9g.


V&G Cosmetics sent them without the compact. This makes them a cheaper at $25.00 US each instead of $41.00 each at Painted Earth.

Vanity and Glamour Cosmetics Natural Baked Mineral Face Pans Review and Swatches
Front L-R: Imagination and Less Bronze Please. Back L-R: Bronze and Apricot


Same as the Colour Splash Baked Mineral Blush. The slightly sweet herbal scent is only detectable if you really try.


Feels soft smooth to the touch. These are extremely shimmery. Some of the colours have bigger bits of glitter in them. They aren’t chunky luckily. Tap off the excess, as they also kick up a lot of powder.


Use a blush brush or bronzing brush. They are extremely pigmented so, use a light hand and build up. I find that these are a bit harder to blend out. I have to sit and really blend.


The blush brush I use doesn’t look like it picks up a lot, but then you go to swipe it on your cheek and the pigment is so bright. I’ve learnt now to be light handed and not to swirl too hard. A dab onto the product is all you need.

Colours Purchased: Imagination, Bronze, Less Bronze Please, Apricot and Imperfect Perfection.


Warm, deeper mid-tone peach pink with golden sheen


Extremely warm, very orange undertone and noticeable golden shimmer

Less Bronze Please

Lighter, with golden sheen and slight shimmer. Still with a slight orange undertone


Golden and orange sheen with a mid-pink undertone.

Imperfect Perfection

This was a light pink, swirled with white, and light brown. I don’t have a photo unfortunately, as I gave this to my Mum. This was not suited to me at all as it was too light. They say it’s matte, yet there’s still gold shimmer in it. It sat on top of my skin, emphazised my hairs and looked powdery.


  • Baked powder means they are less messy than loose powder
  • Blushes are nice colours
  • Shimmery (good impact for night time)
  • Good ingredients
  • No titanium dioxide
  • Good pigmentation


  • Bright colours (possibly not great for pale skin or heavy handed application)
  • If you don’t tap off the excess they can be messy
  • Powder kicks off when using a brush
  • Shimmer (I personally don’t like shimmer in my blush)
  • Bronze is very orange

Final Word:

These are not my favourite colours, as I don’t particularly like sheen or glitter on my cheeks. I have very oily skin and this only emphasizes it. The blushes are gorgeous colours though. My favourite is Imagination as the sheen is so pretty and works really well with the peach. I would love Less Bronze Please if it had absolutely no orange undertone. Bronze is 100% too orange for my liking. It’s unwearable in opinion.

Again, this product is easy to use as it’s in baked powder form. If you like the colours, then they are an excellent non-toxic alternative.

If you want to purchase with the compact then the corresponding colours are as follows:

Imagination – Peach Frost Fusion

Bronze – Bronze Swirl

Less Bronze Please – Coppertone Swirl

Apricot – Apricot Swirl

Imperfect Perfection – Matte Apricot Fusion

Pan only: click here. Compact: click here

Let me know what you think!

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