The Nude That Started It All

This year has been the first that I really wanted to start wearing lipstick. I started by checking my favourite organic brands. Noticing an absence of diversity in their models, I trawled blogs for reviews. I still didn’t have much luck. Fed up I decided to take the plunge and purchased a lipstick, off the advice of a beauty blogger who said that it was universally flattering.

Turns out it was one of the most unflattering shades I could have tried. I hated everything about it. The texture was waxy, the scent was overpowering, the packaging felt cheap and the shade made me look sick. It was a shock, considering so many other reviewers rave about this brand.

The Nude that Started it All. Nude Lipsticks for Medium Warm tone. Gone Swatching xo

It only proved to me that I needed to swatch them for myself. Then I wondered if I was having so much trouble finding swatches of organic and natural makeup on my skin tone, would others be experiencing the same?

From there, Gone Swatching xo began. Swatches are such an integral part of shopping for makeup, even more so when you are shopping online.

Nudes are particularly difficult to match to different skin tones, because all of our bare lips are differently pigmented. We also expect a lot from one colour. It’s meant to not draw attention away from other makeup, yet it still needs to complement your lips and not flatten your features. We want the formula to be forgiving on lips while still feeling comfortable and looking natural.


I divided them into categories: Pink Nude, Mauve Nude, Brown Nude.

Firstly, these two don’t really fit any of the previous categories:


Ilia Beauty – Come Undone

Come Undone is the perfect warm nude for my lips and it doesn’t pull pink either. In terms of a proper nude lipstick this is actually my pick because it has medium to high coverage and is a truly nude shade for me. This one is vegan but not free of synthetic dyes.

Neek Skin Organics Australia – Come Into My World

To be honest, Come Into My World would fit into the Nude Pink category, except it’s far too light for me and ends up looking pasty. It’s very cool toned so it doesn’t do me any favours. Anyone with cool toned, pale skin could make this work for them. It’s vegan and free of synthetic dyes.


L-R: Come Undone and Come Into My World

Nude Pink


Juice Beauty Luminous Lip Crayon – Malibu

If I wore this with a bare face, it is too light for the rest of my features. The undertone is cool, so again it’s not the most flattering light pink. It should suit light to medium skin tones that have a cool skin tone. I’m still undecided as to whether this is too pale for me so anyone with darker skin may have the same trouble. This product is vegan and free of synthetic dyes.

Gressa Skin Lip Boost – Bare

Bare has a slightly more neutral, almost warm undertone so it probably works the best for me. If I wear a lot of layers, in some light this sits funny on my lips. Those with really darkly pigmented lips might find this too light for them. This colour is free of synthetic dyes and any animal products.

Ilia Beauty Lipstick – The Brides

For me this swatches as a slightly cool toned, ballet pink. I can still wear it, without it clashing with my own warm undertones or it looking too light. If you’re after a ballet shoe pink and have light skin, with cool undertones I think this would work perfectly. It’s not so cool toned that warm or yellow undertone can’t wear it but if you’re much warmer or darker than I, I think it could have the potential to look pasty. This colour is not vegan, nor is it free of synthetic dyes.


L-R: Malibu, Bare and The Brides

Nude Mauve


Ilia Beauty Lipstick – Madam Mina

This shade is perfect for an easy to wear, light mauve. It’s neutral undertone ensures that it will work on many different skin types. I also see it working for people darker than me as it doesn’t turn pastel on me. It’s perfect (unless you’re vegan or don’t want any synthetic dyes).

Juice Beauty Luminous Lip Crayon – Laguna

If you do want a light, mauve nude that is vegan, then consider this one. It doesn’t quite have the same opacity as Madam Mina but the shades are very close. I would say that Madam Mina is a little more mauve than Laguna which looks a little more burnt, rosy mauve on my lips.


L-R: Madam Mina and Laguna

Nude Brown


Nudus Lipstick – Naked

Naked is quite dull on my skin. I think it’s because it’s too light and cool toned, even though it does have gold micro glitter. It doesn’t show up at all and does nothing help to counteract the dullness. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who has a similar skin tone or darker. Those with lighter skin should be able to wear it. It is a good mixer colour if you want to take the impact out of another colour.

Adorn Cosmetics Lipstick – Rustic Mocha

I like this one because it makes my lips glossy and better version of themselves, without the matte brown dragging down my features. It may be too brown for anyone who has very pale skin or very pink lips. I think it would still work for those with darker skin, but perhaps not those who have very dark skin tones. This one is vegan and synthetic dye free.


L-R: Naked and Rustic Mocha


The line up – Malibu, Bare, The Brides, Come Undone, Come Into My World, Madam Mina, Laguna, Naked, Rustic Mocha


The Nude that Started it All. Nude Lipstick Swatches for Medium Warm tone. Gone Swatching xo

If you would like more information on individual products, please use the links for an in-depth review:

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