Gressa Eye Tint Review & Swatches – Aureo & Bronce

This week I have some more products from Gressa and I have to admit, they’re probably my favourite I’d tried from this brand so far.


You can find reviews on the Lip Boosts and the Serum Foundation here:

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The website states these Eye Tints are:

Organic make with extraordinary performance Gressa Eye Tint is an innovative 100% Vegan formula that transforms from cream to velvet, instantly enveloping the eyelid and providing fault-proof and smudge-free wear. Versatile and buildable, can be worn as an eyeliner or eyeshadow.

None of the ingredients are certified organic but they do state 100% of the formula is from natural origins.

The expiry date for the shade Bronce is 06/1018, while the expiry for Aureo is the 04/2018. I suppose it depends on when the batch was made, but it gives me roughly a year to use them.

Each pot is $36.00 US for 5ml or 0.17oz or $42.00 AUS.




From the cardboard boxes, to the glass pots, the packaging is identical to the Lip Boosts. The shade name is printed on the front.


It’s hard to describe because it’s so thin, but not powdery at all. It’s also not thick like a cream and smooths out like silk. It’s a very nice, easy to work with texture that doesn’t feel heavy once applied. I also like that it’s unscented.


The product is not filled to the top of the jar so I have to use a flat eyeshadow brush to pick it up because my fingers don’t fit with my long nails. If that isn’t a problem for you, then using your finger would work just as well because it’s so easy to sheer out, with or without the heat of your finger. I suggest taking a little amount on your brush and then layering it up, if you want the full effect of the pigment, because if you pick up too much at once there is quite a lot of fall out. It’s easily swept away though so it won’t mess up the rest of your makeup.


One swipe with a brush will give you light coverage and then you can easily sheer it out even further.  The formula is buildable to give more depth.


Aureo & Bronce



To me this shade is a champagne shimmer. It’s has gold shimmer but comes off a little cool toned on me. I love it as highlight on my inner corner and on the centre of my eyelid. It can be used as highlighter in your brow bone and cheeks, but I do find that if you don’t sheer it out enough the shimmer can come off looking a little chunky.




This is a shimmery, warm toned bronze shade. I love this as eyeliner because it suits my brown eyes and looks stunning more built up.



  • The texture is amazing and easy to work with
  • Pigment is very good and can be changed to suit what look you’re trying to achieve
  • Colours are gorgeous
  • Good amount of product
  • No scent


  • Expensive
  • There aren’t more shades that aren’t shimmery. They are very shimmery too, so if you’re after matte, neutral colours these aren’t for you

Final Word:

I really like these. I’ve found that pure mineral eyeshadows look powdery and dry on me so I normally stick to eyeliner. I have quite oily eyelids too and I have found  they last really well, even where it naturally creases when I open my eyes. I really hope that they make more matte shades that can be worn every day. I think there is one, but for my skin tone in particular it’s really light, almost white.

If there is a colour you want, then I would highly recommend them.


Find more information and shades here: Official Website

Let me know what you think!

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