W3ll People Nudist ColorBalm Review & Swatches – Coral (1) & Nude (7)

W3LL People are committed to creating cruelty free makeup that makes it easy to achieve a natural, ‘no makeup’ look. These Nudist Colorbalms are the closest thing they have to a lipstick.


The website states these lip colours are:

The love child of a lip stick and a lip balm, The Nudist gives lips a subtle boost of color and shine plus penetrating, nourishing hydration. Rich in organic omega oils and aloe, this luxury lip treat leaves stressed lips soothed, supple and protected. Clothing optional.

Organic Certification:

Some of the individual ingredients are certified organic but they don’t have official certification overall. They do commit to providing products with no fillers, propylene glycol, petrochemicals or petroleum by-products. Expiration is 24 months after opening and you can buy them for $13.99 US for 2g or 0.07oz. I happened to buy these while they were on sale at Whole Foods for around $8.00 US. In Australia they sell for $25.00 AUD.



On the website the ingredients include carmine, however I’ve double checked on the boxes and I can not find it listed. It might best to email the company directly and find out which list is up to date



A simple, sleek white tube with a pull off lid and wind up bottom. You will find their logo printed on the side, as well as the shade number and name on the bottom. I have found that the wind up mechanism on one of the tubes is broken already and I have to physically push the product down from the top.


It has a very noticeable scent of sweet vanilla, which unfortunately is one of my least favourite. It’s not overpowering and definitely dissipates after application, so it’s not likely to bother those who aren’t as sensitive.


Smooth and balmy, with good slip that never feels too oily or tacky.


Applied straight from the tube, you’ll have a sheer to light coverage. As it says, it’s a mix between a lipstick and lipbalm, however I’d say it’s much more like a balm than a lipstick.


Coral (1) & Nude (7)

Coral (1)

This probably leans a little more orange than I like, but it’s definitely pretty. It’s very balmy with more applied and makes your lips look juicy, shiny and plump

W3ll People Nudist ColorBalm Review and Swatches - Gone Swatching xo

Nude (7)

The pigment being sheer actually helps this from being too light. I can tell if it were more opaque the tone would be too light for me. Again, it plumps up your lips and is comfortable and wearable for every day.

IW3ll People Nudist ColorBalm Review and Swatches - Gone Swatching xo


  • Easy swipe of subtle colour
  • Very moisturizing
  • Doesn’t feel heavy, tacky or too slick


  • The scent is not my favourite
  • Small amount of product
  • A little expensive for what you pay for

Final Word:

As a balm, you definitely cannot complain. They are very moisturizing, smooth and the colours are very nice for every day. I just don’t see why they need to be so expensive in Australia. You’d go through them so quick, especially if you’re wearing them every day and applying more layers to achieve a bit more colour. The packaging is pretty standard and one of them is not already broken. If you can buy them on sale, then I’d definitely recommend them.


Information taken from their Official Website


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  1. Malou says:

    Thank you for your review, it’s always clear and complete !


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