Wabi-Sabi Botanicals Skincare Review – Akaliko, Budhi, Deva, Jati, Javanese Lulur & Samana

I have run out of most my Claribel Skincare, so I wanted to try something new as my skin always seems to acclimatize to skincare. Thanks to browsing instagram, I found this company, Wabi-Sabi Botanicals. They are currently having a clearance of stock sale, and they will not be re-stocking, rather they are re-launching. Some products are still available, so have a look and see if anything catches your eye.  I went a little crazy. Hopefully this review will give you an insight as to whether you may be interested in their new products, which will launch in January 2018.

Wabi-Sabi Botanicals Skincare Review - Gone Swatching xo

AKALIKO Chia Rose Radiance Nectar



Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil*, Moroccan Argan Oil*, Chia Seed Supercritical CO2*, Moringa Oil**, Baobab Oil***, Kalahari Melon Seed Oil**, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Cranberry Seed Oil*, Palo Santo Essential Oil*, Non-GMO Mixed Tocopherols

*Certified Organic Ingredient


***Ethically Grown/Sourced


Every morning, after I shower and wash my face, I put one drop on my forehead, each cheek, nose and chin. I then warm it on my skin and rub and press it in all over. For under my makeup it is enough to moisturize my skin without making me extra oily. It does feel like a substantial oil, rather than being too liquid. I do enjoy this, but I still use my BEE Pure at night afterwards because I feel on it’s own it’s actually not enough. I haven’t seen a dramatic change in my skin but it definitely adds extra moisture to my skin in combination with what I use already.


BUDHI Sacha Inchi Eye Nectar



Peruvian Sacha Inchi Oil*, Seabuckthorn Fruit Supercritical CO2*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Coffee Fruit Oil*, Olive Squalene*, Guava Seed Oil*, Prickly Pear Seed Oil**, Non-GMO Mixed Tocopherols, Cacao Bean Absolute**, Tonka Bean Absolute*

*Certified Organic Ingredient


***Ethically Grown/Sourced


This is a gorgeous, vibrant orange and you only need the tiniest amount. The scent of the tonka bean absolute is quite strong for me and a little medicinal but it’s not a horrible scent, nor does it linger. I use this morning and night after I cleanse my face. I shake the bottle a little, and use only 1 drop under each eye. I then pat and gently rub it in and use the extra on my eye lids. Having used it only for a couple of weeks, I can see that my under eye area is lightening. I feel that with continued use it’ll get better and better, which I love. I haven’t noticed an improvement in any lines, but to be completely honest, that’s not my concern at the moment. I hope they include a version of this in their relaunch.


DEVA Tahitian Glow Mask



Cambrian Blue Clay, Coconut Milk*, Aloe Leaf Juice*, Lime Distillate*, Pineapple Fruit Extract*, Papaya Fruit Extract, Banana Fruit Extract, Guava Fruit Extract, Guava Seed Oil*, Coconut Pulp Supercritical CO2*, Leuconostoc (Radish Root Ferment Filtrate), Vanilla Bean Absolute*, Steam-Distilled Tahitian Lime Essential Oil*

*Certified Organic Ingredient


***Ethically Grown/Sourced


In the jar it looks goopy and you need to mix it up because the liquids separate. It smells earthy and slightly of citrus. Even then I have to put it right up to my nose and really sniff. I don’t mind that the scent is so minimal. I do find this feels a little strong on my skin, so that says to me, the enzymes are penetrating and working on my skin. It’s not the strongest enzyme mask I’ve used though, so even sensitive should be able to use this. You apply it and then it doesn’t dry completely to the touch, it stays a little tacky and slightly sticky, almost like a film over your skin. When I wash it off I haven’t noticed any dramatic change in the texture or brightness of my skin. I’m just not sure whether this broke me out. I seem to be having a lot of clogged pores at the moment.  It may be the detox period and I’m also testing a few new things at the same time, so I will continue testing this and seeing it makes a difference.


JATI White Tea and Coconut Purifying Scrub



Micronized Coconut Shell*, Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil**, Raw Coconut Nectar*, Bamboo Stem Extract, White Tea Extract*, Lychee Fruit Extract*, Kakadu Plum Extract*, Australian Black Clay, Pomegranate Seed Oil*, Leuconostoc (Radish Root Ferment Filtrate), Blood Orange Essential Oil*, Magnolia Blossom Essential Oil*, Vanilla Bean Absolute*

*Certified Organic Ingredient


***Ethically Grown/Sourced

This is quite a gritty exfoliator but it’s not harsh. I find that a damp face isn’t enough. I scoop it out into my palm first and then mix a few drops of water to wet it more, otherwise it just crumbles off my face. I don’t feel like the micronized coconut shell scratches at my face and the scent is quite minimal. I was worried about the vanilla in particular but it hardly bothers me. I do find that when I wash this off, it leaves my skin feeling moisturized, almost as if a little is left on my face. This is good in the sense it’s not stripping. I still always moisturize afterwards though. This is probably one I wish I had been able to purchase more of, so I hope they do a similar product in the future.


Javanese Lulur Brightening Beauty Treatment



Curcuma Xanthorrhiza (Javanese Turmeric), Curcuma Longa (Golden Turmeric), Oryza Sativa (Balinese Rice), Tamarindus Indica (Tamarind) Seed, Jasminum Sambac (Arabian Jasmine) Absolute.

*All ingredients sourced in Bali, Indonesia

This is by far my favourite product I purchased despite the strong scent of jasmine. I put a little in my hand, add water and mix to make a paste. I then apply to my face in circular motions until it dries and starts crumbling off. You can remove it straight away but I like to leave it on for a few minutes and then I rinse my face. It doesn’t sting, but something in it does feel like it penetrates my skin the moment I put it on. As an exfoliator it works exceptionally well and always leaves my skin feeling smoothed and looking brighter. It does stain my fingers for the night, but it washes straight out the next day so I don’t mind.


SAMANA Sunstone Shimmer Elixir



Shea Nut Oil, Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil**, Macadamia Nut Oil*, White Camellia Seed Oil*, Tamanu Oil*, Chilean Rosehip Seed Oil*, Coconut Pulp Supercritical CO2*, Amber Essential Oil, West Indian Sandalwood Essential Oil, Tonka Bean Absolute*, Non-GMO Mixed Tocopherols, Sunstone

*Certified Organic Ingredient


***Ethically Grown/Sourced


Mmm, I have mixed emotions about this one. For one, it looks amazing in the bottle and especially when you squirt it out. The sandstone shimmer swirls in your palm and you immediately want that on your body. It’s also surprisingly moisturizing, for the entire day without leaving too much of a greasy sheen. I use four pumps on each leg and that’s enough to rid me of any scaly looking skin. However, and this is a big one for me. The initial scent is strong and quite unpleasant to me. There is nothing else other than the essential oils of sandalwood to break up the really deep, warm, earthy scent. I’m not the biggest fan of the sandalwood on its own. It also lingers, so I will definitely not use this in my hair (which the instructions say you can). That said, if you like sandalwood, then you’ll probably love it. I think without the scent it would be perfect for me. I’m still going to use it all up because it works really well and adds a tiny amount of gold shimmer to your legs, which really does help make them look their best.


Final Word

I really like the packaging, the ingredients and the morals behind this company. While they want to provide quality products, they also want their products to encourage people to give themselves self-love. I align myself with this belief, so I really enjoy that these products make you take time out and take care of yourself. So far, they’ve also been effective and they make a difference to my skin. The ones I enjoy the most, are the Budhi Sacha Inchi Eye Nectar, the Javanese Lulur Brightening Beauty Treatment and the JATI White Tea and Coconut Purifying Scrub. The only product I’m unsure of is the Deva Tahitian Glow Face Mask, but until I trial it more I don’t think it’s fair to judge it’s effectiveness yet. I’m excited to see what new products they bring out, and I hope that they keep these three in the rotation.

Find them here: Official Website

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