Au Naturale Cosmetics Su/Stain Matte Lip Stain Review & Swatches – Bold Collection

Au Naturale are formulated with a focus on healthy, ethically sourced and naturally sourced ingredients, with the hope that they can prove cleaner products can be effective. They have also been a strong voice behind the demand for stricter regulations of cosmetic products in the United States.


I have the entire range of lip stains swatched on my blog. Keep reading for the Bold Collection. The post on the Neutral Collection is here: Au Naturale Cosmetics Su/Stain Matte Lip Stain Swatches – Neutral Collection

I decided to try their lip stains first, as I’ve never really tried a liquid lip colour other than gloss.

The website says these are:

Ethically sourced and immaculately curated, su/Stain is designed to nourish your lips & maintain color-play. Oh, and it’s changing the name of the green beauty game with an unprecedented combination of formulation standards

Overall they do not have organic certification but you can check which ingredients are organic in their individual listings.

su/Stain is formulated with Eco Cert Pigments & Palm Done Right palm oil, rendering it both COPA compliant & in line with NSF/ANSI 305 organic standards.

Formulated without animal bi-products, synthetic preservatives, nano particles, gluten, parabens, fillers, dyes or toxins, our su/Stain matte lip stain is 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan




There’s no expiration date on the packaging


Each collection costs $88.00 USD or approximately $110.00 AUD for 3.8g. I bought them for $61.60 USD and at the time of posting this blog they were still priced at that amount.



It looks exactly like a tube of lipgloss, with a soft doe foot applicator.


I really dislike how sweet the scent is. It’s a little fruity, but mostly just an overload of sugar. It’s not artificial but for me it is cloying. It also hangs around all day, which is problem.


A little spongy, like mousse. It smooths out easily without feeling drying. It feels lovely and creamy, even with a tiny amount applied. If applied too thickly, it does become heavy and will also shift around your lips more.


Apply straight from the sponge tip applicator but I would advise being careful. The pigment doesn’t easily budge if you make a mistake.


Each one is saturated with opaque pigment with one swipe. You can sheer them down to a medium coverage but don’t wear these without being prepared for some touch ups. I applied more to take the best photos and this results in the finish looking more like a satin matte, rather than a true matte. If you want the creaminess still, you will need to blot off the shine.


Bold Collection – Purple Reign, Terracotta, Salsa, Going Rouge & Hero


Purple Reign

A light purple with cool undertones

Even though this has cool undertones I like how muted and soft this looks on me. It’s not too light that it turns an unflattering pastel purple on me either. Au Naturale Cosmetics Su/Stain Matte Lip Stain Swatches - Bold Collection. Gone Swatching xo


A burnt orange

As you can see this leans quite orange on me. It’s probably exaggerated because my undertone is already warm. I’d prefer a little less and a touch more red, but it’s not unwearable.

Au Naturale Cosmetics Su/Stain Matte Lip Stain Swatches - Bold Collection. Gone Swatching xo


Red with orange undertones

Salsa is a vampier, darker shade than terracotta, with much less orange.

Au Naturale Cosmetics Su/Stain Matte Lip Stain Swatches - Bold Collection. Gone Swatching xo

Going Rouge

A deep brick red

Going Rouge is a step slighter deeper, with more of a maroon undertone.

Au Naturale Cosmetics Su/Stain Matte Lip Stain Swatches - Bold Collection. Gone Swatching xo


A berry purple

A dark, berry toned purple that works really well with my warm skin.

Au Naturale Cosmetics Su/Stain Matte Lip Stain Swatches - Bold Collection. Gone Swatching xo


  • Pigment is amazing
  • Comfortable and not at all drying
  • It’s versatile because you can apply little and still achieve a stain effect, while applying more will result in the product feeling like a creamy lipstick.
  • Great ingredients


  • The scent

Final Word:

As you can see from my Pros and Cons list, I don’t have much negative to say other than the scent. The problem for me is that it doesn’t dissipate and it really is one of the strongest I’ve ever experienced in a lip colour. It actually stops me from using them more than I’d like.

This is not a problem if you’re not sensitive to scent, so I think they are an excellent alternative to conventional lipsticks. Even though they are marketed as a stain, you can see that I achieved stunning, opaque coverage, and that wasn’t even with it applied heavily. I also like that once they wear off, you will be left with a true stain, and it doesn’t patch off weirdly because of the creaminess of the product. Each shade is comfortable and nourishing with amazing pigment.


Find them here: Official Website


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