Ilia Beauty Colour Block High Impact Lipstick Swatches

Last time I swatched the bright, statement colours from the new Ilia Beauty Lipstick range. You can find that post here:

Ilia Beauty Colour Block High Impact Lipstick Review & Swatches

This week it’s all the nudes. I love the colour selection at Ilia Beauty. While it’s a pity they’ve moved away from using more organic ingredients, you can always trust them for some everyday or bold shades. No matter what, they’re all wearable! My favourites out of these are Amberlight, Cinnabar and Rococco. I’d buy them in full sizes for the rest of my life!

Ilia Beauty High Impact Colour Block Lipstick Review & Swatches by Gone Swatching xo. Amberlight, Rosette, Rococco, Wild Aster, Cinnabar & Marsala


Amberlight, Rosette, Marsala, Cinnabar, Wild Aster & Rococco

Ilia Beauty Colour Block High Impact Lipstick Review & Swatches. Grenadine, Gone Swatching xo



There are many ways to find your perfect nude, some say to match it to your nipples after all but matching it to the inner portion of your lip would also be a good bet. Amberlight is the PERFECT match to my inner lip and that makes it an amazing nude pink, or bardot nude as described by Ilia Beauty. My new favourite!



A touch more pink than Amberlight, it still keeps it Rosettte as a soft, dusty pink.



Building on Rosette, there’s a touch more brown in Marsala but it’s still balanced and neutral.



Another of my favourites, I love the warmth in this muted brick colour. Such a pretty colour! It’s a mix of my favourite colours; coral and soft red.

Wild Aster


Ilia Beauty describe it as a berry brown but I think it pulls far more berry on my lips. It’s a more muted version of Ultra Violet, with a lot less staining too.



Rococco is a petal pink with a little more punch than Rosette. Perfect for a date, or even the office.





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