Organic and Natural Empties February 2018

It seems my addiction to makeup has shifted to skincare. I’m hoping I’ll find time to do a few reviews on some brands I’ve tried out, but for now here is another Empties post.

Organic and Natural Empties February 2018

Claribel Lighten Up Naturally Body Lotion

I like this because it’s a light moisturiser that keeps my skin well hydrated and supple. It has a fresh, citrus scent that is very subtle. I probably didn’t use it consistently enough to notice any noticeable whitening so I can’t comment on it’s effectiveness. I did notice that it doesn’t dry down so you’ll be left with a noticeable sheen and a bit of an oily slip so if you don’t enjoy that feeling it might not be best for you. I also went through it very, very quickly only because I was using it all over. It’s probably too expensive to keep using as a whole body moisturiser.

Claribel Skin Lightening Treatment Powder

I don’t like that this doesn’t dissolve completely in anything I put it in. I think it would be effective left on your face for longer. I eventually ended up mixing it with a face mask/cleansing grains and I didn’t notice any grittiness that way. Since I was a bit lazy on the skincare regime I can’t say for sure whether it was effective but a word of caution. It really is best to follow the instructions and only use a scoop or two at a time. There is something in this that stings my skin if I use more than a scoop. That tells me the ingredients are potent but I was just using up the last bit without mixing it with anything other than water and whew. I could only take it on my skin for a few minutes before having to wash it off.

Nature’s Skin and Body Food Skin Light

This is a light moisturiser that doesn’t dry matte and I think it actually worked for a little bit. It’s unfortunate that it broke me out terribly by clogging my pores. It took me months to rid my skin of the little pimples around my temples. I also didn’t like the smell of this. It had a very weird, slightly sweet, herbal scent.

Nature’s Skin and Body Food Bio-Zyme Peel

This is by far the most effective peel I’ve used. I would absolutely repurchase this peel because of how effective it was. I can’t leave it on for very long, especially on my cheeks. I normally apply it to my forehead, nose, jawline and chin first, let it sink in for a few minutes and then smooth some over my cheeks. By the time I undress, turn on the shower, and hop it that’s long enough for it to work without ending up too harsh. It leaves my skin red but also feeling clean, exfoliated and smooth without feeling too stripped. I moisturise with a heavy balm after this and I only use it at night because my skin needs to recover. If you’re interested in a peel, just keep in mind how potent it is, even though it’s made with such clean ingredients.

La Mav Cranberry Bio Exfoliating Scrub

As an exfoliator it does that job. That’s it. I never saw any particularly amazing results nor did I notice my skin any worse off if I didn’t use it. I would not repurchase based on the fact that I didn’t like the granules. They were a little sharp and I have other physical exfoliants that I enjoy much more and are more effective. The formula also separates so I had to remember to shakes the tube before use.

The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Australian Jojoba

As a moisturiser I never noticed that my skin was any better using this. It’s actually not enough for me on its own. I always use other serums and a heavier balm moisturiser at night time. That said having it on hand was very helpful if I wanted to quickly massage some into my hair. I find it particularly effective as being my oil face wash before I use my normal cleanser. I pump some into my hand, massage it over my face and then wet my face and gradually massage and rinse as much as I can off. The reason I still use a cleanser though is because I am never able to completely rinse it off and I don’t the residue left. As a combined cleansing regime though, it works exceptionally well at ensuring all my makeup is gone.

Let me know what you think!

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