Okoko Cosmetiques Skincare Review – Sample Beauty Box


Read any ingredients list on one of the Okoko Cosmetiques range and you’ll notice that this company takes great pride in sourcing their ingredients. They’re also exceptionally expensive so I bought the sample pack, as well as a few extras while there was a sale on.


Secret Du Dragon – Gel to Milk Cleanser & Mask


Applying this directly to your face feels similar to rubbing sticky jam all over it. Considering it looks like strawberry jam, this makes sense. Once you’re past that though and you start loosening it with warm water it transforms into a thin, whitish cleanser. It works better if you take your time, adding small amounts of water at a time and properly working it into your skin. It also works better with more cleanser and starting with completely bare skin.

The Ultimate Oil-Serum with Bakuchiol, Les 16 Précieux 

This has a very noticeable herbal, almost heady scent. The vial included in the sample pack is pretty generous and will allow consistent application for about 2 weeks, if you use a feww drops a night. I didn’t love the smell and I still needed a thicker balm because this wasn’t moisturizing enough on it’s own. I can’t say I noticed a huge improvement in my skin texture, clarity or fine wrinkles so this isn’t one I’d run out to buy again.

Skin Brightening L’élixir de Clarté


While they say it’s a serum, it feels and looks much more like a toner. I’ve never believed much in toners, but using this and the L’élixir de Pureté consistently made my skin feel it’s absolute best. It made it soft and smooth, without stripping or drying my skin. The two samples combined also lasted almost a month. This doesn’t have an overpowering scent so I think I’d like to repurchase.



L’élixir de Pureté Sang Du Dragon

As with the above serum, used in conjunction, I think these did a great job at improving my skin condition. I don’t think either of them brightened pigmentation that much but overall my tone was brighter and softer. It’s great for me that neither of them are heavily scented.

Sublime Balm


I haven’t had much luck with AHA balms and I do feel that this one is also a little strong for me. I want to try it more because it’s not overly oily, it doesn’t have a strong scent and it hasn’t broken me out as badly as Herbivore Botanicals did. It’s best used sparingly and kept away from the delicate under eye area. I prefer using it at night, along with an oil.

Purifying detox mask – La D’Tox Noire


I didn’t almost didn’t want to try this mask because my skin is finally under control and all masks I’ve tried have broken me out so badly, but I’m very happy to say this didn’t at all. It does sting however, but my skin doesn’t react badly at all. I assume this would because of the ascorbic acid and sodium bicarbonate. While it’s not a game changer for me, I’ve only tried it once and I’ve never needed masks to improve congestion. I definitely want to continue using it to see if prolonged use would have benefits.

Brightening mask La Boue De Beauté


I find this smells quite spicy but it doesn’t stink while it’s on my face. I had no breakouts after using this one either, so it’s another one I’d like to keep using. This one doesn’t sting like the purifying detox mask, so if you’re sensitive to that sensation I’d choose this one.

Final Word

So far none of these products have broken me out or affected my sensitive skin. The oil is the only one where the smell bothers me and lingers for a little too long. They absolutely do their best work when used consistently and over time, so while they’re effective they’re not excessively strong like Herbivore Botanicals were for my skin. While I do want to repurchase, the price point is a little steep for me, so I’d wait for another sale.

Find them here: Official Website

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