HENNÉ Organics Luxury Lip Tint Review & Swatches

I’d only seen Henné in passing and I thought they only did lip balms and scrubs (the colour in their Nordic Berries Lip Exfoliator looks divine!) but then I saw they do tinted lip balms as well. After trying all these lipsticks, I realised I wanted a more every day lip balm that at least had some colour, so why not try these?


 Apply one layer for a sheer hint of colour or add additional layers for a more opaque look

They don’t have organic certification overall but there 87% of the ingredients in their lip tints are organic. Expiration is 12 months after opening. For those in the US they’re $21.00 USD or approximately $28.00 AUD, depending on the conversion rates.




The black, plastic bullet does have a nice weight to it, a very satisfying click and it’s smooth and minimalist.

Henne Luxury Lip Tint Review and Swatches - Bare. Gone Swatching xo

It’s nice and creamy, but not thick at all. The lightness of the formula gives it a nice slip and sheen. There is absolutely no scent, including from the waxes and oils


I don’t think you’d ever be able to build this up to much other than light opacity, which makes it perfect as a whip out and apply colour. It starts to feel too slick and colour doesn’t stay even if you layer too much


Bare, Coral, Azalea & Intrigue



A delicate nude that provides the perfect barely-there flush of colour on the lips

Henne Luxury Lip Tint Review and Swatches - Bare. Gone Swatching xo

This colour is what I was looking for. Something to slightly brighten up my dark lip colour and keep them soft and moisturised. It’s a very pretty, soft light nude. You can’t see it here but if you try and layer it up too much, the colour itself will become a little patchy. It’s much better left as one or two layers.

Henne Luxury Lip Tint Review and Swatches - Bare. Gone Swatching xo


A true coral shade, this stunning lip tint brings a soft warmth and glow to the face

Henne Luxury Lip Tint Coral - Gone Swatching xo

This swatches so vibrantly, with more orange than pink, on my arm but not so much on my lips. I liked this better left as a light layer. This isn’t my favourite Coral shade I’ve tried and a part of that is the how the formula ends up patchy.

Henne Luxury Lip Tint Coral - Gone Swatching xo


This vibrant pink lip tint immediately brightens up the face and gives a splash of playfulness to your makeup routine

Henne Luxury Lip Tint Azalea - Gone Swatching xo

Again, this is another vibrant shade, that comes across much more muted on my lips. The patchiness is easier to see in this photo. The colour is a beautiful pop of pink.

Henne Luxury Lip Tint Azalea - Gone Swatching xo


Intrigue is a dark red that looks flattering on all skin tones

Henne Luxury Lip Tint Intrigue - Gone Swatching xo

Intrigue looks like a deep, darkened red that leaves my lips looking full . This would be a good colour, if you wanted an easy to wear colour for those times when a dressier look is needed.

Henne Luxury Lip Tint Intrigue - Gone Swatching xo


  • Good formula, that isn’t too thick
  • Easy to apply and wear
  • Good ingredients
  • Nice packaging
  • Bare is my favourite colour
  • Long lasting


  • Not vegan
  • Shades can be a little patchy if too much is applied
  • A little pricey

Final Word:

I wore this during a long day at work and it lasts very well. It doesn’t leave the same amount of nourishment that the Fitglow Lip Cream leaves on my lips, but it does keep them from drying out.

Bare is the perfect colour I wanted from a lip balm. I just have to ensure I use no more than 2 swipes to keep it from looking patchy. For almost $30.00 AUD, it is a little pricey, especially considering the ingredients that are included aren’t anything spectacularly fancy. Still I’m happy, considering the colour is what I hoped for and my lips improve when wearing this.

Henne Luxury Lip Tint Azalea Entire Range Swatches - Gone Swatching xo

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