Organic and Natural Empties – August 2018

So this post has been a while coming but I just kept forgetting I even took this photo! I’m looking forward to the new posts I’ll be able to finish, as I may or may not have gone on a little shopping spree.

Organic and Natural Empties - August 2018 Gone Swatching xo

AKALIKO Chia Rose Radiance Nectar

The ingredient list is impressive and nice and short but it just didn’t do that much for my skin. This product has since been discontinued but Wabi Sabi has come out with new products, which I’ve also reviewed.

BUDHI Sacha Inchi Eye Nectar

This was my absolute favourite of all the original Wabi Sabi Botanicals products because it improved my under eye are so much! I like the new version as well, but I still think this one was slightly more effective.

Cucumber Rosehip Enzyme Cleansing Oil

If you’ve read my review for Nektar Botanicals, then you’ll know this didn’t work for me. I found it weirdly sticky and hard to wash off. It also gave me clogged pores so even if I didn’t mind the stickiness I couldn’t deal with the pimples. I know they’ve changed the ingredients so it might be better now, but I’m not interested in trying while I have trusty jojoba oil.

Yuzu Citrus + Matcha Revitalizing Body Polish

This polish is great because it not only leaves a lovely moisturised feeling to your skin once it’s washed off the scent is so light, delicate and fresh I would definitely consider  buying this one again.

Steller Gaze Length & Strength Mineral Mascara

I like this better the more you use it because it stops being too wet. I just bought a new one and I find that the formula is a lot wetter than I remember. It used to hold my curl really well, layer up very nicely without clumping or flaking. Now it seems to go everywhere and makes my lashes drop so quickly. I might have to find another mascara unfortunately.

Dream Big Lash Extending 7 in 1 Mascara

This one works better left as a light layer because it works so well at holding the curl and giving you that fluttery, soft lash look. You can build it up but I found that it flaked quite badly if you layer more than 2 light coats. I also never noticed a difference in lash growth or quality, so I’d just stick with a proper serum for that.

MOON FRUIT Superfruit Night Treatment

Oh boy. If you’re a fan of Herbivore (and I really, really wanted to be) then don’t read my review of them! If you insist though, then you can find it here.

I hated the scent of this. Others have described it as herbal but for me it was straight up sweet, cloying perfume. Even when I put it on my legs, I still had to wash it off my hands and wear pants to avoid sniffing whiffs of it throughout the day. The reason I used it up as expensive body moisturiser was because of how badly it gave me, under the skin, cystic pimples. It was also incredibly drying when I tapped off the excess under my eyes.

Now that I’ve completely bashed this product, let’s think of the good. There is quite a deceptive amount of product and that’s a good thing! It’s expensive but using it properly it would make it last so long. It dries matte, so perfect for oily skin or even priming for makeup. It’s also extremely strong, even though it’s a soft, creamy product that seems like it would be gentle.


Let me know what you think!

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