Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick Review & Swatches

I’ll be honest, I didn’t love the first Olive Oil Lipstick I tried way back when, but that was mostly my own fault for picking a dark, brown colour that didn’t suit me.

I have a feeling I won’t run into the same issue again because just by looking at their site, I can see how bright many of these new shades are!

Ere Perez are almost a staple in most health food stores here in Australia and that makes them one of the few brands you can find to try in person (yay for testers!)

I’ve already reviewed much of their older range and I’ve now added the rest of the Olive Oil Lipstick colours in a separate post. If you want to read those I’ll add the links at the bottom of this post, because I want to dive straight into the swatches!


They don’t have any organic certification but you can find what certifications they do carry on their website. These lipsticks expire 12 months after opening and retail for $34.00 AUD for 3.5g (0.12oz).




Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick Shade Cocktail. A Green Beauty Blogger's Review and Swatches. Gone Swatching xo

These have no scent, so no complaints there. It feels firmer than their Cacao Lip Colours and from the first swipe they also have a medium opacity, which can be layered to full. The finish is a satin matte, so it doesn’t feel dry or too slick. The pigment is much more concentrated so you won’t have the issue of colour collecting in dry patches, but I still found that any texture on my lips were highlighted by this formula. I also found the darker shades, Birthday, Surprise and First Date incredibly hard to remove, so you can bet they’ll stain.


Runway, High Tea, Picnic, Birthday, Surprise, First Date & Cocktail



Beige nude


This comes across as a warm, apricot nude on me and I think it suits really well. It reminds me a lot of Brilliant by Kjaer Weis, just with more of a satin finish.

High Tea

Dusty pink


They say it’s a dusty pink but I find it still quite bright on me. It’s still a very pretty, baby pink that would be perfect for days when you want fresh, feminine makeup,


Peachy nude


Don’t you think this swatches very coral on me? That could be because my already warm undertones. I do like that this isn’t too light and it’s still a soft and pretty colour without turning pastel.


Pinky coral


Birthday is like the big sister to Picnic. It packs a lot more punch while staying completely wearable. I would love to wear this out on a date night.


Hot pink


Hot pink isn’t really my go to shade but I find this one a little more restrained than Coquette by Nu Evolution, so it’s not quite as intimidating. If you wanted a vegan dupe for that shade, this might be the closest match I’ve found so far.

First Date

Berry magenta


Another bright shade, this one has that touch of magenta. Again not my favourite colour, as I’m not drawn to purples, I do however like that berry tone and would actually be more confident wearing this as a lip tint or stain.


Earthy rose


I left my favourite til last! This is the kind of natural, reddish pink I love for every day wear and this colour is no exception. While it looks a lot deeper in the bullet, it applies a lot lighter first and then builds from there. I’ve realised how similar it is to Dreamtime from Nudus. The finish is the same satin matte, but this feels lighter in comparison. If you were after a vegan dupe for Dreamtime, then this is definitely the closest I’ve seen so far.



  • Vegan formula
  • Good opacity and even coverage
  • Cocktail is my go to shade
  • The nudes suit medium skin tones like mine (as well as fairer skin tones as shown on their own site)
  • No scent


  • Their ingredients aren’t organic
  • FD&C Dyes are included in the ingredients list
  • Hydrogenated castor oil

Final Word:

First up, the fact that these ingredients aren’t organic aren’t a complete deal breaker for me. While I do prefer choosing organic, that doesn’t stop me from choosing from a brand who are still well known for actively choosing non-toxic ingredients.

As for the lipsticks themselves, you know by now that Cocktail is my favourite. All of these colours are perfectly wearable, which I’ve actually found rare in a lipstick range. The only slight draw back is the fact that the formula isn’t overly forgiving on dry lips. I’ve found other lipsticks that are much better at smoothing over dry patches, but hey, don’t forget your lip scrub and you’ll be fine!



Official Website


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    The dusty pink is gorgeous on you!

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