Ere Perez Cacao Lip Colour Review & Swatches

It’s been a long time coming but finally I’ve been able to put together this blog post.

Ere Perez are almost a staple when it comes to natural makeup in health food stores here in Australia. I’ve been known to frequent a couple to play with the testers! Unfortunately I probably can’t set up my photoshoot in a store, so when I found samples on The Green Jungle Beauty Shop, I bought up big!

Now I’m actually disappointed they discontinued the Real Rosehip Bar. That looked and felt like a balm but had the staying power of a lipstick. It was such a pretty hint of pink that didn’t look too glossy. That said I bought my favourite colour (warm, pink nude) so I’m pretty confident I’ll like these just as much!


This vegan lip butter is long-lasting and designed to add the perfect touch of colour. Sheer coverage and luxurious lip heaven

They do not have any certifications, but many of their products have been reformulated to be PETA approved. They also have carbon neutral certification with the NOCO2 and they support  the Global UN Compact.

One of these will last 12 months after opening. You can buy them for $30.00 AUD for 3.5g (0.12oz)





I personally don’t mind the scent of oil and waxes. That’s far better for me than a masking fragrance. This feels exactly the same as the Rosehip Bar. It’s quite soft and sheer on first application and the colour can be be built up to light to medium. I think the darker shades are purposely sheerer than the neutral ones to make them wearable.

The issue I found was that if your lips are dry, colour will collect around any patches. My lips weren’t even that dry and I still had issues! I love the feel of them though. It is beautifully creamy and balmy and when it’s worn away you’ll end up with softer lips.


Hoopla, Sway, Mingle, Play, Dash & Wander



Warm Nude

Ere Perez Cacao Vegan Lip Colour Review and Swatches. Hoopla-Lip-Swatch.-Gone-Swatching-xo

See this is my colour! This tone complements my skin and I’m really loving pink on me at the moment. Just as a little side note, I think they may have put the wrong decription on the box as they say this one a Mauve Nude but it’s a warm nude. If you’re after mauve, try Sway instead.


Mauve Nude

Ere Perez Cacao Vegan Lip Colour Sway-Lip-Swatch.-Gone-Swatching-xo

The description is spot on and it’s a perfectly pretty colour, I just don’t happen to be drawn to mauve nudes.


Taupe Brown

Ere Perez Cacao Lip Colour Mingle-Lip-Swatch.-Gone-Swatching-xo

For me this is a perfectly wearble, light brown that is very flattering. It actually looks like a nude brown on me because my lips are already so dark.


Guava Pink

Ere Perez Cacao Vegan Lip Colour Review and Swatches. Play-Lip-Swatch.-Gone-Swatching-xo

I do like this colour for a wearable pop of almost coral pink, but I did find how it gathered on dry patches a little too noticeable. This is one I’d have to make sure my lips were in perfect condition beforehand.


Ruby Red

Ere-Perez-Cacao Vegan Lip Colour Review and Swatches. Dash-Lip-Swatch.-Gone-Swatching-xo

Dash starts off as super sheer, pink based red and I actually think it’s best left that way. When I tried to build it up it gathered more in my fine lines and it’s hard overall because the colour moves around a bit. Once it wears off though a stain is left behind that is similar to one we’ve all probably given to ourselves with iceblocks!


Cool Blackberry

Ere Perez Cacao Vegan Lip Colour Review and Swatches. Wander-Lip-Swatch.-Gone-Swatching-xo

Dark colours like these are always the hardest to formulate and it shows here. If your lips were super plump then it wouldn’t have an issue. In fact, I want to wear this again, just after a few days of wearing lip balm first! This tone looks fantastic with my black hair but it’s not too dark because of how sheer it is This also leaves behind a very noticeable purple stain.


  • I like all of the colours
  • Vegan
  • No scent
  • Sheer and wearable for every day
  • Feels like a balm


  • The colour itself can gather around dry skin
  • The ingredients aren’t organic
  • Price

Final Word:

I kind of wish they had a similar colour to the Rosehip Bar, only because it was so easy to throw on wherever I was, without having to worry about dry patches. Overall I love how these feel. I would have no problem wearing every single colour and not feeling self concious. I can see them suiting a huge range of skin colours. Ere Perez also use a wide array of models on their site and Instagram, so that really helps give you as a consumer an idea of how it might look on you.

I can see how the price could be a bit much for someone who’s on a budget but if you were after a creamy, sheer lipstick then I would definitely recommend trying them out, especially if you’re after vegan makeup.




Official Website

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