A Quick Run Down on My Beauty Tools

After starting this little blog all about makeup and swatches it seemed only natural to expand. These days I’m absolutely invested in my skincare (unfortunately for my bank account!).

I’m amazed at the sheer amount of elixirs, serums, balms and everything in between! If you’re like me then you’re always thinking of how to get the most of the skincare you’re using and the next logical step is: beauty tools!

Beauty Tools Review. Foreo Luna 2, Rose Quartz Roller, Lonvitalite Microneedle Derma Roller & Mitten Exfoliating Mitt. Gone Swatching xo

What do you think? Waste of time or definitely worth the money? Over these past few years I’ve collected my own little arsenal. I thought I’d do a quick post, mostly just chatting about how I feel about some of these beauty tools.

Foreo Luna 2

Beauty Tools Review. Foreo Luna 2. Gone Swatching xo

I do have an in depth review of the Foreo Luna 2, but I must admit, I’ve grown to appreciate it the more I use it. I took a break from it for a few months because I wasn’t sure whether it was doing anything and then I started again.

First up I’d never straight up recommend such an expensive device. It’s $279 AUD! I bought it on sale, but it was still expensive for a cleaning tool.

However, if you use this as recommended it actually encourages you to wash your face properly for at least a full 60 seconds and to also incorporate the double cleanse method into your routine. I personally think anything that helps us properly take the time to look after our skin is a good thing but the argument can be made that you shouldn’t need another device for that!

In terms of knowing how long is enough, the in-built timer is completely fool proof. I also like how gentle it is. It’s great for cleaning but also giving me the softest exfoliation, without any scratching or scrubbing. I have also noticed changes in my skin when I use it consistently. My skin feels smoother to the touch and it always feels so clean afterwards. I also feel that it helps my skincare penetrate deeper, without making me feel like I’ve rubbed it raw. Considering how sensitive my skin has been lately I actually think it’s worth having the exfoliation without any risk of damaging my skin.

As for the claims of anti-aging massage, I’m not the best judge as it’s not a function I use daily. I do admit I like using it if I have felt pent up stress during the day, say along my jaw line. It’s relaxing but I don’t know how much it actually does in terms of the big claims the company makes.

I actually bought it at back in October last year, and I’ve only had to charge it once, at the start of this month! It’s also great that I don’t have to wash it (washcloth) or replace the brush head (clarisonic).

Overall, I think as long as you’re consistent with face washing and you don’t already have an exfoliant routine down because it’s too harsh, then it might be for you. I absolutely recommend waiting for a sale or finding a coupon online. I managed to buy mine direct for only $179 AUD (I know, I know still expensive but far less than the rrp.)

Rose Quartz Face Roller

Beauty Tools Review. Rose Quartz Roller. Gone Swatching xo

I love my rose quartz roller! But probably not for all the miraculous claims I’ve seen going around. I find it more soothing and relaxing than anything. I ask my fiancé to roll my face at night time and it’s amazing.

It’s also great for cooling the skin, especially if you put in the fridge (or even when it’s just winter!). In terms of feeling like it helps my serums sink in, well I just haven’t noticed a difference. I also don’t notice any big change in puffiness.

Another thing to consider is whether you believe or not in the power of crystals. That’s completely up to you, but considering these are mass produced now, after having been mined by people in unknown conditions I’m a little skeptical. This is one I’d probably not buy again, especially if it broke.

Lonvitalite Microneedle Derma Roller

Beauty Tools Review. Lonvitalite Microneedle Derma Roller. Gone Swatching xo

Next up we have the Lonvitalité derma roller. I chose this one because it’s made from titanium as opposed to stainless steel and you can buy a kit, with differing needle lengths for certain parts you want to roll.

I’ve only have limited experience with this so far. I didn’t think that pricking my skin would be helpful while it was so sensitive so I was only using it on my lips. Honestly, starting on your lips is probably the worst idea after seeing all these reviews where people said it was painless! It’s not unbearable but because you pull your lips taut, it does make it a lot more noticeable! I have to remember lip balm afterwards, otherwise my lips are left so dry and a little raw. I do like that they seem a little plumper, and smoother. The fine lines haven’t disappeared completely but I never expected that to happen.

I’ve only just started rolling my face and while it’s much less noticeable, it sure doesn’t tickle! There are certain areas, like my jaw and forehead where it stings a little. I must say, when I put on my serum on afterwards, you can feel a drastic difference to how long it takes it to sink in! It almost feels like I need more serum! It’ll take me a few months to see proper changes to my skin, if any, so I might do an update down the track

Mitten Exfoliation Mitt

Beauty Tools Review. Mitten Exfoliating Mitt. Gone Swatching xo

I don’t know about you, but the ingrown hair on my legs and arms always hang around no matter what scrub I use. Eventually, I’ve realised that I prefer exfoliation brushes to something you can buy in a jar, only because I felt they were more effective. I also cannot express how much I hate washing our shower of ground coffee (even though I love the smell!)

I found this mitt by Mitten and I was optimistic it would work better than a brush but I was shocked to see how well it works! You don’t need to scrub too hard and the skin pills like crazy and just falls off! It’s a little gross but it’s so satisfying! My skin is softer after one use, but the more and more I use it, my ingrown hairs are disappearing.

Now I love that feeling of scrubbing my skin but if you can’t handle it, then I wouldn’t recommend this. They do have a few different versions, softer ones, even ones they say you can use on your face but I haven’t tried that one. Overall, I definitely do believe this is the best exfoliation you can get and I’m kind of happy I don’t have to keep buying jars of scrubs that don’t work as well…

Skincare and Beauty Tools Review. Gone Swatching xo

So that’s it for my thoughts on all these skincare tools. I’d be really interested to hear what experiences anyone has had!

Let me know what you think!

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