Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Face Mask Review

I love the Antipodes balm cleanser, and during the transition to winter my skin has been suffering! That cleanser is so nourishing and rich but I thought that investing in a cream mask would also help. I picked this one up at the local Priceline hoping it could alleviate some dryness, help with fine lines and plump up my skin in general.

Antipodes Aura Face Mask Review. Gone Swatching xo

Aura Manuka Honey Face Mask


Antipodes Aura Natural Face Mask Review. Gone Swatching xo

It feels so soothing to apply this thick cream and it dries down a little tight after 10-15 minutes but nothing compared to a clay mask. The essential oils of vanila and mandarin aren’t very strong at all, just in case you’re worried. I like how plump and moisturised my skin feels after it’s been washed off, though you’ll still need your daily moisturiser.

They say you can use it to treat pimples too. I’ve used it as a spot treatment once and surprisingly it actually helped take down the size and sensitivity of a nice big, under the skin pimple growing on my temple.

Final Word

Antipodes Aura Manuka Face Mask Review. Gone Swatching xo

I don’t know how much it’s helped moisture wise, as in the end what fixed those issues were the Velvet Lip & Face Balm from Lepaar, but it is a really lovely face mask to use at night time. I only really use this when I feel the need to add a little extra care to my routine, as well as a spot treatment, as I’m not convinced it’s an absolute necessity for moisturised skin. I actually want to do a post on my favourite face balms, as they are the true skin saviours in my opinion!

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