Natural Beauty & Skincare Bin or the Worst of 2019

It’s that time of year! For December I’ll be doing my Best and Worst Lists of 2019.

First up, I know what you’re thinking! This title sounds weird, but here’s the thing. I hate saying that any of these products are bad. In fact I don’t think any of these are bad, it’s just that they didn’t work for me, because of my sensitvity to many ingredients.

Instead of just doing a Worst of 2019 list, I actually wanted to talk through some of the very specific reasons why these products didn’t work for me. I save all my purchases for at least a few months. They all go to my own little box, a graveyard, where they sit in hope. I have hopes I’ll use these again, and I often do at least a few times, just to find that they keep causing me problems.

The Worst Natural, Organic & Non-toxic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Makeup & Skincare Bin. Gone Swatching xo

This happens to everyone. You find some skincare or makeup and they sound wonderful. This will change my life, you think as you pop it in your cart! When it comes to actually using it though, things go wrong. It doesn’t suit your skin type, it doesn’t smell nice or it just doesn’t work!

For some of these, I’ve done separate reviews, so as always click on the link to read more. Otherwise I’ll link to the site, so you can see if they might be better suited to you.

All these are my own opinions & my own experiences with these products. Everyone will have a different experience! Not enjoying one product doesn’t mean that I dislike the entire brand. I’m also not ruling out ever trying something else from them, it’s just that these did not work for me for one reason or another.

Tribe Skincare – Trial/Travel Kit

The Worst Natural & Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Tribe Skincare. Gone Swatching xo

This sample/travel kit is a great idea and I wish more companies sold them. I actually tried this kit at the beginning of the year, before I realised that essential oils were part of my problems when it comes to breakouts. The Clean Me! Balm Cleanser, Hydrate Me! Night Moisturiser & Clear Me! Anti-Breakout serum all felt a touch simple. Don’t get me wrong, simple can work, but I want my skincare to improve my skin. I think I’ve hit that age where I need more nourishing ingredients. I didn’t feel that they did much to begin with and then I started getting sensitive because of the essential oils. The Scrub Me! Exfoliant was a different story though, I like that it’s a powder exfoliant without rough particles. I’d consider trying this again.

Tata Harper – Clarifying Spot Solution

The Worst Natural & Organic Skincare of 2019. Tata Harper Clarifying Spot Solution. Gone Swatching xo

This has such an amazing range of ingredients but unfortunately is far too rich in scented oils. That along with the odd texture that pills and dries leaving a crusty layer, I tried this multiple times at different stages and I’ve given up.

Mukti Skincare – Mini Blemish Kit

The Worst Natural & Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Mutki Skincare Clear Travel Kit. Gone Swatching xo

This has a travel size of the Balancing Cleansing Gel, Orange Blossom Balancing Mist & Aloe Vera Moisturiser. Mutki offer samples of the entire range, which is excellent!

This purchase was a mistake on my behalf, since for some reason I didn’t think the floral & citrus oils were essential oils, but they are and boy are they potent. It took me about a month to recover from my skin being sensitized to these. I really wish they’d work since I love skincare with a base of aloe.

The Divine Company – Hydrating Cream Cleanser & Daily Renewal Lactic Gel Cleanser

The Worst Natural & Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. The Divine Company Skincare. Gone Swatching xo

Should’ve learnt my lesson the first time? I bought these on sale and to be fair to myself, the Hydrating Cleanser doesn’t smell potent and is a really gorgeous, smooth & creamy texture. I would like to try this one again, just to see if it I can tolerate the essential oils. The Lactic Gel Cleanser is far more potent and even feels tingly. I’m not willing to risk it!

Earthwise Beauty – Resilency Face Serum & Marshmallow Face Cleanser

The Worst Natural & Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Earthwise Beauty. Resilency Serum & Marshmallow Cleanser. Gone Swatching xo

I adore their Yasuni Face Balm and for a while the combination of that & the Resilency Face Balm was working, but somewhere along the way the scent started irritating me. I’m not sure what gives it the medicinal scent but I can no longer stand it. The Marshmallow Face Cleanser also smells the same, so it’s a no go for me too. I want to give myself a second chance at trying the Ferns & Moss Face Serum & Cistus & Moonlight Face Mist, so we shall see.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick

The Worst Natural & Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. 100% Pure Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick. Gone Swatching xo

These are great for anyone wanting a cruelty free lipstick that is completely opaque, matte and very light on the lips. This shade, Strawberry Cactus is pretty bright and I prefer softer colours. I love the shade of Sandstone and the formula is the most comfortable matte I’ve ever tried, but the scent. Always the scent! It’s too strong and it irritates my lips.

RMS Beauty Wild with Desire Lipsticks

The Worst Organic & Natural Skincare of 2019. RMS Beauty Wild with Desire Lipstick. Gone Swatching xo

They’re not the most natural formula as there are a couple of synthetics, many of the pinks are a touch too bright & the formula is heavy and slightly tacky. They’re not the worst, it’s just that there are better. The shades Unbridled Passion & Vogue Rose also didn’t suit me because they were too light and sat on top of my lips.

Lepaar Skincare – Elemental Day Silk

The Worst Natural & Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Lepaar Elemental Day Silk. Gone Swatching xo

This sunscreen from Lepaar doesn’t dry down much, so unfortunately on my face it’s a no. This isn’t due to their formulation, I just can’t use ANY sunscreen with a high ratio of zinc oxide on my face for consecutive days. Most sunscreens I’ve found feel too greasy, but I can use it for the rest of my body. Applying too much does leave a white cast that can transfer to clothes, so I have to be careful.

Antipodes Nature Skincare – Joyous Night Replenish Serum

I struggled using this up (but I finally did) because of the scent. The black currant is overpowering and cloying and reminds me of perfume. I can’t say for sure that it helped my skin, but it is a rich oil and I do quite like their Grapeseed Butter Cleanser!

Wabi Sabi Botanicals – Still Waters

The Worst Natural & Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Wabi Sabi Still Waters Facial Mist. Gone Swatching xo

I was using this on and off since I bought it because I wasn’t sure whether it was irritating me. I tried one last time, for a few days (using this and only this as a new step) and I can definitely confirm it does irritate my skin. Their other products, Light Reveal, The Giver and Valley of Light are amazing though, so I wouldn’t mind trying their other toner.

True Botanicals – The Clear Collection

The Worst Natural & Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. True Botanicals Clear Collection. Gone Swatching xo

I was so excited to try True Botanicals and I used it for the full month before I gave up. In terms of luxury skincare, the texture is very nice. The cleanser is soft and creamy without being stripping and the entire ritual feels very calming. The fragrance is a little strong and a touch medicinal, which I just didn’t enjoy. The more I used it, the more sensitive I became, which in turn made me breakout. Their customer service and return policy is one of the best, especially for such a large and well-established company. I tried the Clear Collection, but they have a Renew & Sensitive Collection. In hindsight, the Sensitive would probably be better suited to me. I think they’re worth a try if you need potent ingredients, for whatever concerns you’re adressing.

Acure – Lemongrass Shampoo & Brightening Facial Scrub

The Worst Natural & Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Acure Skincare. Gone Swatching xo

I think I received this as part of a promotion when I repurchased their Soothing cleanser, as I’m not entirely sold on walnut shell as a scrub. It’s quite thick and a drier texture, so as long as you keep your face wet, it won’t be too scratchy. The walnut shell isn’t my only problem with this, the lemongrass and lavandin oil is also strong.

I thought that citrus and lemongrass were scents I liked, but the Lemongrass Shampoo is too overpowering for me. I couldn’t really get past that, so I only used this a couple of times before I gave up.

Simple as That – Matcha Mask

The Worst Natural & Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Simple as That Match Face Mask. Gone Swatching xo

I thought this mask from Simple as That wouldn’t be too stripping, because it’s formulated without clays normally found in face masks. It’s gentle but too drying for my skin type. I’ve used this a few times and everytime I felt completely stripped. I don’t think that my natural oils are my enemy, in fact I’ve come to realise the more nourished I am, the better my skin feels and looks. I don’t want to mess with that anymore.

Botani Rescue Acne Cream

The Worst Natural & Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Botani Acne Cream. Gone Swatching xo

While this cream sounds nice in theory, it doesn’t dry down nicely. Maybe I’m expecting too much but it dries and leaves a crusty residue. I’d never be able to wear this during the day, or under makeup. At night time, it wouldn’t be an issue, but the few times I tried it I’d wake up with more pimples in the area, without the ones I’d put it on looking any better!

Inika Lip Serum

The Worst Natural & Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Inika Beauty Lip Serum. Makeup & Skincare Bin. Gone Swatching xo

I think just comes down to me and my sensivitity to essential oils. The orange essential oil isn’t just there for the scent, it’s meant to detoxify and hydrate as well. It makes my lips tingle a bit. If it weren’t for that though, I’d enjoy it because I like thin, smooth lip glosses.

The Worst Natural & Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Gone Swatching xo

There you have it! My entire makeup and skincare bin laid bare! Looking back on all these purchases makes me feel bad for the money and stress I’ve put my skin through. Luckily I’ll be able to pass some of these along to friends and family, so hopefully they can work for someone!

Next week I’ll have my list of the lipstick colours which didn’t suit me in 2019. I like to put together this list, to help anyone who’s trying to decide on their next lipstick purchase.

Let me know what you think!

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