Juice Beauty PHYTO-PIGMENTS Satin Lip Cream Review & Swatches – Syrah & Cabernet

Juice Beauty had a limited range of makeup and they’ve since launched a wider range, with their own signature phyto-pigment colours. I’ve tried some of their skincare years ago, but it wasn’t until they launched this line that I really took notice. It’s taken me this long to finally have them in my hands.


The website states these lip colours are:

Creamy lip color saturated with plant-derived Phyto-Pigments that glides on smoothly for full coverage in a rich satin finish.

Only certain ingredients are certified organic. They do have a few seals though, including: ECO Cert, USDA Organic, and COPA (California Organics Products Act). They are vegan.

Normally I like to include the expiration, but I can’t actually find an expiration date on the packaging or box, which is really bizarre.

Each one costs $24.00 US for 0.11 oz / 3.1 g.



I hope the high shine of the metallic tube translates well through the screen because it is stunning in person. The dark gun metal grey looks smooth, classy and expensive. The tube feels substantial and the lid shuts with an extremely satisfying click. Juice Beauty’s logo and slogan in printed in white on one side, while the shade name is on the bottom. Even that has been thought through, as the sticker matches the tube as to not distract from the overal asthetics.


They definitely have a sweet lipstick smell, that reminds me a lot more of conventional lipstick than any other lipstick I’ve tried thus far. It’s quite subtle for me, so I doubt it would be strong enough to bother most people.

The texture feels smooth and creamy. It’s a tiny bit sticky when the bullet has stiffened up during the colder months. It does have a substantial feeling to it so when you rub your lips together there is a little slip.

The first swatch has very good medium opacity and the second coat will give you full coverage. The formula does not dry down to matte.


Syrah & Cabernet



Syrah is described simply as brown pink on the website. It’s definitely that, as it wears as a step up from a basic nude, brown pink on me. It’s a ‘My Lips But Better, Darker and Glossier’ shade. This is more of the colour that I was expecting from the Nudus 27 Dresses lipstick. It’s a beautiful colour without being overly made up. It’s a perfect every day colour and it feels lovely on the lips, so you’d be happy wearing it all day. It’s very moisturizing and doesn’t feel heavy or drying.


I find this colour a little hard to describe as it looks very red in some light. It’s described as a rosy brown, but it doesn’t appear to have any brown in it. It’s rich and reminds of a lighter version of actual cabernet wine. The berry tones work beautifully on my warm skin. When I applied it to my lips, I could feel grittiness in the bullet itself. I could also see little bumps, so I assume it’s an issue with the formula. While it felt a bit weird, luckily it doesn’t transfer to your lips. It still feels very creamy, moisturizing and smooth.



  • Vegan
  • Good opacity
  • Light and comfortable on the lips
  • I like the sheen
  • Packaging is gorgeous and very sturdy
  • Pigment is strong


  • Not a huge fan of hydrogenated oils
  • The scent is a little reminiscent of conventional lipsticks
  • You may find the grittiness of the Cabernet bullet a little off-putting
  • Hard to buy in Australia

Final Word:

Juice Beauty is not shipped to Australia and as far as I know there are no stockists. There may be online stockists who ship to Australia. If you can find them then I would highly recommend them if you are after a vegan lipstick range.

For those who can easily buy them, I am jealous because I want to try more colours. Not only is the packaging beautiful, the pigment is fantastic and the formula reminds me more of comfortable balm, than a heavy lipstick. If you want a true matte shade, then you will have to blot. I find that the sheen helps with keeping your lips looking full.

Find them at their Official website



Updated 25/10/2019

2 Comments Add yours

  1. aleeyaazimulla says:

    Juice beauty is so underrated ! They have such awesome products from makeup to skincare! Gorgeous choice in colors !


    1. Gone Swatching xo says:

      I want to try them all now! The formula is one of the better ones I’ve tried. Thank you x


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