Soft, Brown Smokey Eyes and Nude Mauve Lips – Featuring Juice Beauty

I always look at the smokey eye tutorials and wonder just how everyone seems to be able to to achieve that flawless blend. I never do black smokey eyes because I feel that I end up looking like punched in the eye. So here’s my much softer take, using brown instead.

Soft, Brown Smokey Eyes and Nude Mauve Lips - Featuring Juice Beauty

  1. I started with my eyes because I wasn’t sure how much fallout there would be. I lightly buffed a little bit of Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation onto the lids with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to give them a little coverage.
  2. Next, I applied the Sheer Design Eyeshadow in Soft Nude with the Bdellium Tools 777 all over the lid and lightly up to my brow.
  3. I used the Vapour Mesmerize Eye Colour in Flash, patting it on the outer half of my lid with my finger. I added my own mineral eyeshadow over the top as it has a little sparkle.
  4. For my transition shade, I swept a light wash of taupe through my socket and blended it out.
  5. In my crease I put a little of the Alexandra Brown Eyeshadow by SkinRich (this company is no longer trading). It’s a matte, chocolate brown.
  6. I also lined the outer corners of my top lids with the Bdellium Tools 762 and joined in with the colour in my crease so it formed a V. I blended all the colours together using the Bdellium Tools in 783.
  7. I lined the top of my lashes with the Ere Perez Organic Jojoba Pencil to give them definition.
  8. I used the gold from the Ginger Splash Baked Mineral Blush and popped it on my inner corners, blending it up and  along my lower lashes. I always brush through any clump with the the Real Techniques.
  9. I used the same colours for my lower lashes as I did on my lids, going from lightest to darkest along my lower lash line. I kept the Alexandra Brown Eyeshadow only to my outer corners and also applied a little eyeliner there too.
  10. Using the Pacifica Magical Multi-Purpose Pencil, I lined my lower waterline, just to help brighten my eyes.
  11. Finally I curled my eyelashes and applied two coats of the Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mineral Mascara on both my top and bottom lashes.
  12. Once my eyes were done I finished the rest of my face with my mineral foundation. I applied only blush, the Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder in My Blush.
  13. I applied the Juice Beauty Satin Lip Cream in Syrah. To make the mauve shade a little nuder, I took some of the Juice Beauty Lip Crayon in Malibu and smudged it over my lips, just in the centre.


Products Used

  • Gressa Minimalist Foundation in 3.5
  • Sheer Design Mineral Eyeshadow in Soft Nude
  • Vapour Mesmerize Eye Colour in Flash
  • My own mineral eyeshadow (I bought them from U-Makeup It)
  • Pacifica Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mineral Mascara
  • Ere Perez Organic Jojoba Eye Pencil in Brown
  • Pacifica Magical Multi-Purpose Pencil
  • SkinRich Alexandra Brown Eyeshadow
  • Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder Blush in My Blush
  • Juice Beauty Satin Lip Cream in Syrah
  • Juice Beauty Luminous Lip Crayon in Malibu

Tools Used

  • Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques
  • Lash Brow Groomer by Real Techniques
  • Bdellium 957 Precision Kabuki
  • Bdellium 762 Small Angle
  • Bdellium 945 Contour
  • Bdellium 777 Shadow
  • Shiseido eyelash curler

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  1. Bushra RB says:

    This is really a great article/Makeup Tutorial. BTW, do add some step by step picture. It would be really helpful. Thank you!

    (My Blog/Website :- )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gone Swatching xo says:

      I’m glad you liked it! I will try in the future. Doing tutorials isn’t really my strong point but if that makes them better for you I will do so

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Bushra RB says:

        Oh I see. You will do great I am sure.


  2. I love Juice Beauty ! Great post so pretty💃 I did a review on the phyto pigment foundation on blog


    1. Gone Swatching xo says:

      I only wish they were easier to buy in Australia! Thanks I’ll check it out xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Katie says:

    This is a great tutorial, thank you!


    1. Gone Swatching xo says:

      Thank you! I’m glad it’s helpful! x


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