Ilia Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioners Review and Swatches


Ilia has a wider range of the Lip Conditioners and more recently brought out shades that have SPF in them.

ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner combines organic ingredients to soothe and condition the lips. Each shade carries a sheer touch of color that increases in intensity when applied liberally.

The SPF shades have different ingredients and packaging.

ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 offers natural sun protection and a host of new botanicals. The moisturizing butters of Cocoa and Shea help soften lips and are combined with a rich blend of antioxidant oils of Organic Avocado, Sesame, Cranberry, and Passionflower.

Organic Certification:

The normal lip conditioners have up to 85% organic ingredients, while the SPF 15 has only 65% of their ingredients listed as organic




*These are not vegan*


12 months after opening


$26.00 US or $37.00 AUS for 0.14oz or 4g. I am not sure whether Mecca Cosmetica will stock the shades with SPF in the future (for those in Australia)


If there’s one thing Ilia have right, it’s the packaging. The recycled aluminium feels weighty in your hand. It’s brushed, so the texture comes through and still looks sleek and elegant. Ilia is printed on both the lid and the lipstick holder itself. You can find the shade name at the bottom. The SPF shade is housed in almost exactly the same packaging, instead it’s white.


There is a very, very slight sweet smell for me.


Bombora starts off feeling really thin, with a stain of colour but if you layer it, it almost becomes a gloss. I felt that it moved around a lot. In Paradise doesn’t have that finish, no matter how much you apply. It does have a sheen and both are very comfortable, not tacky or thick.


Apply straight from the bullet


Both colours start off very sheer and build up to give light to medium coverage. Bombora (if applied heavily) has much more of a gloss finish than In Paradise. In Paradise feels more balmy and secure on the lips.

Colours Purchased: In Paradise and Bombora

In Paradise

The name beckons to a place we are all familiar with, even if through our dreams. A warmer pink and coral mixed together and served straight up with a boost of extra color on first application.

I’ve been obsessed with coral for a while now but have found many colours lean more orange. This is a perfect coral than doesn’t lean too orange, nor is it too light for my skin tone. It feels like a soft balm, not heavy or thick. You can push it to a medium opacity, but that’s fine with me. I think it helps with keeping the colour from looking neon.


Bombora is an easy, red hue that goes on sheer with natural SPF 15

1 layer of this gives your lips a soft flush of red. It’s very a sheer, very natural hint of colour that still has sheen. It feels really thin and moves a lot. I’m not sure how long this would last and that presents a problem as you want SPF to be able to protect your lips for a while. I applied another layer and it started feeling slippery. I never wear gloss because I don’t like how it sits on my lips and feels like I’m rubbing oil between them. This one has that same sensation. It makes the colour pop, makes your lips look glossy and full but I hate that feeling. I much prefer to leave this as thin layer.


  • Extremely light sweet smell
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Both colours are warm toned, so great for those who also have warm undertones
  • Formula is very soft, smooth and moisturizing
  • Very easy sheer colours that are easily applied without a mirror
  • Bombora is a lovely summery shade, with added SPF. You can still wear it all seasons for a little protection and blush of colour


  • Not completely unscented
  • Not vegan
  • Use of synthetic dyes
  • Bombora starts feeling like a gloss if you apply too much. Good if you like that but it’s not my favourite.
  • Hard to buy Bombora if you are in Australia

Final Word:

They’re probably not a neutral balm but I think they are not only very wearable for every day but they’re also very easy to apply without fear of making a mess. The packaging sure makes them feel a bit more sophisticated than typical balm. (Then again I guess you’d want them to for $37 AUS) If you’re not adverse to synthetic dyes or beeswax than they are a very good choice for an every day lip tint.



Find Ilia here: Official Website

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