Worst of 2016

When I say the worst, I am, in no way suggesting that these colours or products are rubbish. For some reason or another, they just didn’t work for me and they won’t be used again in my rotation. For the best colours I’ve found during the year, go to my Best of 2016

Gone Swatching xo

Adorn Cosmetics


I can’t express how much I hate this colour on me. It’s too light, it’s oddly pastel and it’s not what you think of when you think of coral at all. I also found it incredibly patchy and it was so hard to make it apply as one even layer.




The shimmer in this verges on making your lips look like an oscar statue. If that’s what you want, then perfect, but not so good on me.

L-R: The Goodness and Instinct

The Goodness

The shimmer in this is silver, so it just looks frosty on me. Not my favourite

Juice Beauty


This colour pink nude is again too light for me. It’s also a little on the cool toned side. I have found other nude pinks that suit me better and don’t apply as thinly as this. It’s also quite sweet smelling.


Neek Skin Organics

Come Into My World

Come Into My World is just too light for me. It almost swatches white on my lips. The formula is also quite dry and doesn’t fill out my fine lines.


Sweet About Me

The colour is sheer but the glitter in it, is not subtle shimmer. It’s too obvious, too hard to remove and the formula is not thick enough to feel like a moisturising balm. It doesn’t soften enough with the heat of your lips so you have to drag it across them.


*The previously mentioned products are vegan. The following products are not vegan*

Ere Perez


Dark brown doesn’t suit me as it ages me. The formula is also heavier and not as emollient as others. There’s not enough slip for it to feel comfortable.




Again just too light. It’s also a little brown, which isn’t my natural lip colour so it’s hard for me to pull it off. The matte formula also feels a little heavy. This would work better for paler people and perhaps those with a skin tone that’s not as warm as mine.



For full reviews on each product, follow the links here:

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Let me know what you think!

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