Ere Perez Chamomile Eye Palette Review & Swatches – Gorgeous

Ere Perez have gradually re-vamped their products and I was so glad to see that they released an eyeshadow palette.


Ere Perez do not have an organic certification, but they do have Cruelty Free, Vegan and Non GMO certifications. These eyeshadows expire 12 months after opening. The palette costs $40.00 AUS for 6g and then you can refill the individual pans for $15.00 AUD each.


Ere Perez Chamomile Eye Palette Review and Swatches - Gone Swatching xo



Each compact is sleek, with a clasp opening and closing, mirror and 6 pans of eyeshadow. A great feature is that each pan is attached by a magnet and you can replace all shades. They’re not available yet, but the company says the shades will be available individually so you can create your own palette.


They all feel quite smooth to the touch and are unscented. Different shades have different amount of powder kick back, the worst being the matte shades. Aylin and Vicky are the hardest to pick up. They have a problem where you can dig into the pans but only a tiny amount is picked up on the brush.


I haven’t tried these wet but using a flat brush is best for Aylin and Vicky as they are very hard to pick up. You need to be able to pack on the colour as well since they are so sheer. The other colours (Fay, Ana, Kat and Estelle) can be picked up with a crease brush as the product is softer. There is fall out so make sure you tap of your brush and work in layers as it can leave quite chunky flecks underneath your eyes.


Aylin and Vicky start off sheer and are difficult to build up to any decent coverage. They have the most shimmer and I think this changes the formula.  The others are buildable from light to medium coverage.



Ere Perez Chamomile Eye Palette Review and Swatches - Gone Swatching xo


Aylin is a very soft, sheer peachy pink with shimmer. It’s one of the worst in terms of pigment and coverage. There’s hardly any kick back but that’s because it’s so hard to pick up. I can swipe my brush over the pan and honestly wonder if I’m applying any colour to my lid. The pink just doesn’t show up that much on my skin tone.


Fay is my favourite shade because for my skin tone it works as the perfect, matte transition shade. It’s dark enough to give me slight definition in my crease, while having a more neutral undertone.


I’m not sure Ana works for my eyes. I just feel that warm red tones make me look sick. It’s the same matte finish as Fay, so it’s easy to pick up, with more colour pay off than Fay.


This one isn’t pure matte, it has a little sheen, but no discernible shimmer. Again the red undertones don’t quite work for me. It’s darker and browner though so I do think I can wear it with less risk of making me look sick.


I like the colour, as well as the gold shimmer, but this has the same formula issue as Aylin. It takes a lot of patience and layering to build up to the coverage that I did in the swatch. The shade will build up eventually.


This one works well as a liner and to deepen the crease. While it has a sheen it works very well because it’s so easy to use and also blends well.


  • Packaging will save money and waste after the initial purchase
  • Once all shades are available individually you can customise the palette
  • Fay is a beautiful, warm crease colour
  • Buildable pigment
  • Long wearing


  • Not all shades are consistent opacity or are easy to apply
  • The shimmer shades are not well formulated
  • Not for full glam eye makeup


Final Word:

I’m probably not the best judge when it comes to eyeshadow, because I don’t use it that often. I’m more used to loose pigment as well so things like kick back and fall out are to be expected. The mattes have some loose powder that flies off when a brush is run over the top but unless you aren’t tapping off the excess, it won’t cause problems. Unfortunately they haven’t addressed the same issue they had with their eyeshadow duos. Some shades are easy to pick up, blend and have great pigment. The others however are hard, crumbly and this makes application too difficult for quick and effortless makeup.

On the plus side, once you do have the colour applied and built up, they last very well. I don’t use eye primer, have oily eye lids and the shadow lasted from about 7am until 7pm. The matte shades perform better than the shimmer shades. All in all I think I’d purchase more matte shades and then use my own shimmer over the top.


Find more palettes here: Official Website

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