Au Naturale Cosmetics Eternity Lipstick Review & Swatches – Cha-Cha & Marrakesh

I’ve already swatched Au Naturale su/stains Lip Stains, but they also have a line of natural lipsticks. I picked up two colours (as always their version of a nude shade and another) to see how they perform.


If you’re interested in reading more of their other lip colours, find my review of the lipstains here:

Au Naturale Cosmetics Su/Stain Matte Lip Stain Review and Swatches – Bold Collection

Au Naturale Cosmetics Su/Stain Matte Lip Stain Swatches – Neutral Collection

Long-lasting and rich in color, our Eternity Lipstick is committed to maintaining a perfect pout from from coffee to cocktails

Organic Certification:

Formulated without animal bi-products, synthetic preservatives, nano particles, gluten, parabens, fillers, dyes or toxins, our su/Stain matte lip stain is 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan



There is no expiration date on the box or product. These retail for $25.00 USD or $32.95 AUS for 4g.



Each bullet is a matte black, with a magnetic closure on the two rims, so it snaps shut when you slide the lid over the top. The shade is printed on the sticker on the bottom, with their logo printed on the side.


These have the same sweet scent as the lipstains but it’s not as cloying.


This doesn’t feel heavy on the lips at all. It’s more balmy and thin than most of the matte lip colours I have, including the su/stain lip stains.


I found that I needed a few swipes to achieve an even coverage. Marrakesh was harder to apply than Cha Cha but only because the pigment isn’t as concentrated.


Both of these colours can be applied to a medium coverage, but they both start off as a lighter wash of colour.


Cha-Cha and Marrakesh



A bright red with pink undertones

While this is definitely bright, it’s a very wearable red. The pink undertone comes through on quite strongly on my lips. It’s not as striking as a true red because it applies with light to medium coverage first and then you can build it up.

Au Naturale Cosmetics Eternity Lipstick Review and Swatches - Cha-Cha. Gone Swatching xo


A warm pink nude

While this is warm, it’s too light for me. It washes me out and applies almost sheer at first and then can be built up to a medium coverage. This one was a little harder to apply. I really had to work this into my lips to be able to show off the true colour over my already pigmented lips.

Au Naturale Cosmetics Eternity Lipstick Review and Swatches - Marrakesh. Gone Swatching xo


  • Not heavy at all. They feel more like a balm
  • Vegan
  • Good ingredients
  • Cha Cha is a very flattering red shade


  • Marrakesh doesn’t suit me because it’s too light
  • They take a little work to achieve opacity and even coverage. One swipe is not enough.
  • The scent

Final Word:

I like that these feel light like a balm but the colour pay off is a little frustrating because the pigment needs work to cover your lips properly without any patchiness. The scent is absolutely not my favourite and I have no idea what ingredient gives it that scent. I think these would be easier to wear than the lipstain but if you’re after a one swipe lip colour, with complete saturation, I’ve definitely found better lipsticks.

If I had to pick one for performance, the lipstains win, because they have better pigment and staying power. Overall I think Au Naturale have some great shades and their formulas work well. It just depends on what your preferences are.

Au Naturale Cosmetics Eternity Lipstick Review and Swatches - Cha-Cha and Marrakesh. Gone Swatching xo

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