Fitglow Lip Colour Cream Review & Swatches – Pure, Buck & Beach

I feel that I’ve been working away at the blog for a while without actually posting anything new. I’ve finally had some time to swatch the lipsticks from Fitglow, so here we go.

You can see swatches of their brighter colours here: Fitglow Lip Colour Cream Swatches – Beet, Aura, Adore & Love


Fitglow have a big emphasis on anti-aging ingredients included in their makeup, which is a bonus for me, considering how obsessed I currently am with skincare.

LIP COLOUR CREAM 3-in-1 lip treatment nourishes lips with clinically-proven super plant extracts to revive lips natural youthful appearance. Feeding lips at a cellular level, this hydrating cream strengthens and replenishes collagen to increase fullness and firmness while also conditioning and healing the lips

They don’t have organic certification overall but they do claim these lip creams are 98% organic and gluten free. There is no expiration date on the box or product, but typical expirations are 12 months from opening. It might be something to ask the company directly if you’re concerned. To buy, you can find them for $42.00 USD for 5g or approximately $55.00 AUD.




The silver, metallic bullet feels light in your hand. The top presses in and releases the bullet so it drops out. I like the purple flower print along the side, but I’ve definitely handled sturdier lipstick bullets.



The vanilla gives it a very slight smell of sweetness but it’s hardly noticeable and it doesn’t linger at all.


It’s a very soft and creamy formula that doesn’t dry down matte, rather staying a nice satin finish. It’s one of the nicest formulas I’ve tried. My lips felt nourished and moisturised for quite a while after trying these.


You can apply straight from the bullet and I would say one swipe gives a good medium opacity, while another almost completely covers my natural lip colour.


Pure, Buck & Beach



Out of all these nudes, this one suits me the best. It has less pink in it than Buck and no shimmer. The formula is beautiful. It’s not heavy or sticky at all. After it wore off, I still felt that my lips were soft and moisturised, in the same way a heavy duty balm works.


While it’s not chunky, the mica shimmer is definitely noticeable. I personally don’t like it because it clings a little to my dry patches. This makes it hard to wipe off and I can imagine it wearing off a little patchy. The colour itself is a little more mauve than Pure or Buck but it’s still very wearable and flattering. I just don’t like silver shimmer in my lipstick because of my warm skin tone.


This is slightly pinker than Pure and a little light for my skin because it borders on looking pastel. It doesn’t have any shimmer, which is always good but I think it would look nicer on paler skin tones.


  • Very nourishing formula
  • Nice selection of nudes
  • Beach and Pure suit mid to darker skin tones
  • Minimal scent
  • Not heavy


  • Not vegan
  • They may not suit very dark skin tones
  • Beach has shimmer
  • Expensive
  • No descriptions on their website

Final Word:

I’m glad I bought the shade Pure, but it’s hard to tell which one to buy from the swatches on their website. I actually had to stalk their Instagram account to find a better indication of the shades. As I’ve only worn these for this blog post, I can’t say whether they would have a huge anti-aging effect on my lips. While you can tell straight away that the formula is rich and nourishing, $55.00 AUD is still a lot to pay for a lipstick. I feel the cost goes into the ingredients because I prefer the packaging of most other brands I’ve tried. I just think this one feels a little light for something with a luxury price tag.

It comes down to the same old argument: is it worth it? If you love the colours and they really have a beneficial impact on the condition of your lips, then sure I think they would be worth it (I do love improving my skin!)

Fitglow Nudes - Gone Swatching xo

Official Website

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  1. Nudes are soooooooo hard to pick online – super helpful swatches. P.S. You’ve got lovely lip shape!

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    1. Gone Swatching xo says:

      I’ve had such a hard time too. It’s part of the reason why I started this blog. Thank you by the way xx

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