RMS Beauty Swift Shadows Review & Swatches – Sunset Beach 43 & Tempting Touch 71

I’m getting to the last shades of the Lip2Cheeks but for now, I have some of the Swift Shadows to show you.


Now I’m not the best judge of shadows. I don’t really use them that much, mostly because of my limited makeup skills. I’m much more of a one and done type of person, but here we go.

Formulated for those who prefer powder instead of cream eye shadows, RMS Beauty Swift Shadows are designed for quick and easy application. Mixed with the industry’s best mineral color pigments,Rose-Marie’s favorite wild-crafted Buriti Oil and organic Jojoba Oil, Swift Shadows will not dry out the lid like traditional formulas.

The company hasn’t sought official certification and you can read more about their reason for that here.

Even though these are pressed, they expire 12 months after opening. A single pan isn’t cheap at $20.00 USD or $31.00 AUD for 2.5g (0.09oz)






Each single eyeshadow pan is housed in a recyclable plastic case, with flip lid. The information, such as shade name and number, as well as instructions is printed on the bottom.


There’s no scent at all and they’re very soft and smooth to touch in the pan. They’re also super powdery and I don’t know whether it’s my application or how they wear on my eyelids, or my foundation underneath but it stays looking powdery on my eyes if I layer. They do stay put though. I can apply it in the morning and by the end of the day, at about 6, it’s still there. That’s without application of an eye primer underneath. It also doesn’t crease.


When I run a brush over these, I have to tap off the excess about 2 or three times otherwise there’s too much fall out. I tap back directly over the pan otherwise I feel that it would be a huge waste of product. It’s good that it’s soft enough to pick up but honestly I wouldn’t mind if the oils were a little more binding. They blend quite nicely, but because they are sheer to begin with, you’d be hard pressed to edge up with harsh edges.


These definitely start off with a sheer wash of colour and can be layered to show up to a light opacity. I haven’t swatched them wet yet. I didn’t even think about it to be honest, so hopefully if I remember I can try it and take some photos.


Tempting Touch TT-71 & Sunset Beach SB-43

Tempting Touch TT-71

Warm cocoa


It’s definitely a warm cocoa shade and while I like it, it seems that it has a very, very slight red undertone. There’s something about it that can make my eyes look a little off. I almost can’t describe it. But it’s one of those instances where you look in the mirror during the day and you wonder what isn’t working with your makeup. I’m pretty sure most people would know this feeling.

This isn’t a matte shade, as it wears with a bit of a sheen. The mica doesn’t give it a glitter finish but there’s a visible luminosity. If I use only one layer, I feel like I can barely see it. If I layer more, it ends up looking and staying a little powdery. I either haven’t quite figured out whether it suits my complexion or I’m not using it well.


I have finally figured out less is more! Much more. I also realised that packing this on, is not the way to go for my oily eyelids. I use the cheap knock off version of the artis brush no. 4 (I am planning on buying the proper Artis brushes) and pat it into the pan, tap it off and then apply where I want it. The finish is much sheerer, but this also means it doesn’t cake up and look powdery.

RMS Beauty Swift Shadows Review and Swatches - Tempting Touch 71

Sunset Beach SB-43

Crushed pearl


This is an even softer, sheerer wash of a crushed pearl shade with a slight yellow undertone. I find that it’s too light for my skin tone and when layered it ends up looking a little frosty and white. Again I have the same issue of it looking powdery if I layer, but if I don’t, I don’t see any difference.

RMS Beauty Swift Shadows Review and Swatches - Sunset Beach 43


  • They are more traditional powder eyeshadows
  • No creasing and long wearing, even without primer
  • Blendable
  • No scent
  • Wider selection of colours
  • No overt shimmer shades


  • They look powdery when layered
  • Neither of them really suit me
  • Powdery – there’s a lot of fall out
  • Expensive
  • Sheer
  • Not completely matte


Final Word:

Since I am terrible at eye makeup, the eye polishes actually suit me a lot better. They also never end up looking dry and powdery on me. I really don’t like that look. I don’t think either of these shades suit me the best. Every time I’ve worn them, I don’t like how they look, especially when I’ve checked in the mirror afterwards. I do think they are a good option if you can’t stand creasing from the eye polishes but I still feel like I’m searching for eye shadows I actually like.

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