Wabi-Sabi Botanicals Skincare Formule Intensifs Review

I initially reviewed Wabi Sabi Botanicals when they were clearing out old stock, and I was a real fan of some of their products. They’ve since reformulated and I couldn’t wait to try their new offerings.

If you would like to see my previous post, you can find it here: Wabi-Sabi Botanicals Skincare Review – Akaliko, Budhi, Deva, Jati, Javanese Lulur and Samana

Wabi Sabi Formule Intensif Review - Gone Swatching xo

Full Disclosure: I absolutely love the ethics behind this brand. This is conscious beauty at it’s best. Not only do they support women by sourcing fantastic ingredients, majority of which are cultivated by women, they also invest through a program called Kiva. Furthermore, each of their ingredients are chosen for purity and effectiveness, all of which are organic and or wildcrafted. There’s no green washing here.

Wabi Sabi Botanicals - Formules Intensifs Review. Gone Swatching xo

If you would like to read more about this wonderful brand, then keep reading.

Light Reveal | Formule Intensif no. 1

Formule Intensif - Light Reveal Review. Gone Swatching xo


Carapa Guianensis (ANDIROBA) Oil*, Paullinia Cupana (GUARANA) Fruit Infusion*, Caryocar Brasiliensis (PEQUI) Fruit Oil*, Mauritia Flexuosa (BURITI) Oil*, Supercritical Hippophae Rhamnoides (SEA BUCKTHORN) Fruit Oil†.

*Organically Grown Wild-harvested Ingredient

†Certified Organic Ingredient

Formule Intensif - Light Reveal Review. Gone Swatching xo

The oil is such a vibrant orange and looks almost identical to their Budhi Eye Nectar and that was my favourite from their previous collection. I’ve only used this for a few days so far and I already love it again.

I only use it under my eyes at the moment. I use the tiniest amount and pat it underneath.

I’ll update this review down the track because I’m going to be using it on a few pimple scars I’ve managed to accumulate over the year. Hopefully it’ll help reduce the appearance of them but I don’t expect that to happen unless I’m consistent with application, over a long period of time

Formule Intensif - Light Reveal Review. Gone Swatching xo

Balancing Act | Formule Intensif no. 2

Wabi Sabi Balancing Act Review - Gone Swatching xo


Psidium Guajava (GUAVA) Seed Oil*, Plukenetia Volubilis (SACHA INCHI) Seed Oil†, Supercritical Borago Officinalis (BORAGE) Seed Oil*.

*Organically Cultivated Ingredient

†Certified Organic Ingredient

Wabi Sabi Balancing Act Review - Gone Swatching xo

This one is a little harder for me to judge it’s effectiveness because it’s winter here and my skin is dealing with some irritation as well. No matter the season though my t-zone is always oily and I wouldn’t say this has changed this. The truth is though I like that my skin has that extra oil. Most of my break outs aren’t normally caused by my skin being oily. It’s either due to hormones or a product I’ve used on my skin. I am curious to see whether it would help during the summer, because that’s when the oil is a bit much.

Formule Intensif 2 - Balancing Act review. Gone Swatching xo

Blemish Correct | Formule Intensif no. 5

Formule Intensif 5 - Wabi Sabi Botanicals review on Gone Swatching xo


Silybum Marianum (MILK THISTLE) Seed Oil†, Brassica Alba (WHITE MUSTARD) Seed Oil†, Supercritical Curcuma Xanthorrhiza (TEMULAWAK) Root Oil, Supercritical Santalum Spicatum (SANDALWOOD) Seed Oil‡.

†Certified Organic Ingredient

‡ Sustainably Farmed Ingredient

Blemish Correct - Formules Intensif review. Gone Swatching xo

I bought this when I was really struggling with clogged pores and I had planned on using it to help with that but then Claribel Skincare absolutely saved my skin, so I almost don’t have a use for this now.

If I use it all over, it tends to give me little whiteheads on my cheeks so now, I like using it for as a spot treatment on bigger pimples . It definitely helps with healing them quicker. I’m not a huge fan of the scent, but it doesn’t linger. It’s also not too bad since I only use a tiny amount each time.


Final Word

I haven’t mentioned the packaging yet, but if you can’t tell by the photos it’s sturdy white opal glass and it’s so pretty. I loved photographing these.

Of course, the packaging doesn’t mean much if the products don’t work and it’s safe to say Light Reveal is my favourite. It clears up any darkness under my eyes in a matter of two, three applications. You are supposed to be able to use this in a multitude of ways, like adding it to your existing moisturiser.

The other two aren’t must-haves for me, only because I don’t see them replacing anything I already have favourites for. The one I want to test more is Balancing Act but I’ll have to wait for summer.

Overall, for clean, non-toxic and vegan skincare this brand goes above and beyond. They’re really quite affordable, considering how long the products will last me and how effective they are. I also love that I feel I am making a great choice, not just for my skin but also for others in this world.

Wabi Sabi Botanicals Formule Intensif Review - Gone Swatching xo

Find them here: Official Website

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