Fitglow Lip Colour Cream Swatches – Beet, Aura, Adore & Love

I’ve already done a full review of these lipsticks, so if you would like to read more please go to my other post: Fitglow Lip Colour Cream Review and Swatches – Pure, Buck and Beach

Fitglow Beauty Lip Cream Colours Swatches - Gone Swatching xoOverall though, I really like the formula that Fitglow have created. They are extremely rich and nourishing, and the texture is so creamy. Rather than feeling oily, it’s slightly waxy but it’s not uncomfortable or annoying. Another bonus is that the pigment and formula is consistent throughout the entire range.


Beet, Aura, Adore & Love



Beet is a lot lighter and pinker than shown on Fitglow’s website. The picture matches the colour of an actual beetroot much more but it is a true hot pink. It’s a little too vibrant for my personal taste but actually very pretty and wearable.

Fitglow Beauty Lip Cream Colour Swatches - Gone Swatching xo


Adore also swatches a little lighter than shown on their website, but other than that it’s spot on. A mid-tone mauve with a touch of pink.

Fitglow Beauty Lip Cream Colour Swatches - Gone Swatching xo


On their website this colour appears to be more pink than red. The swatch in no way represents how much of a bright, true red this is. If you’re searching a vegan version of a true red, then trust me. This is it. It has such a pop and is so brightening for my complexion. I think I may have found a competitor for my all time favourite, African Nights.

Fitglow Beauty Lip Cream Colour Swatches - Gone Swatching xoAura

The swatch looks lighter on my lips, but it does match colour represented on their website quite closely. Aura is of a deep berry, maroon red. It reminds me of a rich cabernet.

Fitglow Beauty Lip Cream Colour Swatches - Gone Swatching xo

My favourite of these is Love, not the nudes as I was expecting. I think if you are after an extremely moisturising and highly pigmented lipsticks, this is an excellent range. They’re also dye free, carmine and beeswax free and they had little to no scent. The only slight downside is that the packaging feels a little light and thin. I don’t want to complain about that too much because the product itself is what makes it worth it. I think if the packaging was a little sturdier, then in my mind at least, the price tag wouldn’t seem quite so hefty. I’m just mindful that they aren’t cheap for my fellow Australians.

Fitglow Beauty Lip Cream Colours Swatches - Gone Swatching xoOfficial Website

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  1. Anna says:

    Hi, Thank you so much for writing this very helpful blog. Helped a lot for me to choose a right lipsticks. The fitglow love is so so pretty to wear. Im really love it. The Colour is fantastic. Not dry on the lip. Enjoy to read your blogs. Wish you can try some NZ natural lipsticks such as : Antipodes, Karen murrel, and living nature. So hard to find those lipsticks swatches online. Thank you.


    1. Gone Swatching xo says:

      Hi Anna,

      I’m really glad it’s been helpful for you! I love when people let me know it’s a good reference! Love from Fitglow is my favourite, though I’d really love to try their lip serums too. Do you have any particular shades from Antipodes, Karen Murrel or Living Nature that you’d like to see? Thanks for commenting and I hope you have a great weekend


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