Foreo Luna 2 Review – Combination Skin

We’ve all seen these. We might not all know what this little device is for or whether it works but here’s my take on the Foreo Luna 2.


They say:

The revolutionary LUNA 2 is an enhanced T-Sonic™ facial cleansing brush and anti-aging system designed to minimize the appearance of blemishes while effectively addressing concerns related to aging skin

The Luna 2 retails for $279 AUD so it’s not a purchase to be made lightly.

My first issue with the purchasing experience was which one to pick. While you can do a quiz to find out the best design for you, they don’t actually explain why that one suits your skin or what the differences are. For me, it almost came down to the colour. I was even close to picking the men’s version purely because I wanted black!

Aside from that once you pick your colour and you receive your package, the shipping is relatively quick. It comes with a pouch, a charging cable, warranty and quick start instructions.

It’s small enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, with the little silicone nubs soft, pliable and spread out across about half of the surface area of the cleansing side. The other side has ridges meant to aid in the lower-frequency pulsations. I love that it’s much more hygienic than a cloth or replaceable brush heads, purely because it’s made of silicone.

The differences between devices come down to the size and spacing of the cleansing nubs and to be completely honest … I don’t know how or why the design specifically addresses different skin types.


It’s easy to figure out how to use this, but the full instructions aren’t available unless you download the pdf from their website. Push the middle button once to start the cleansing cycle and the plus and minus to change the intensity of the vibrations. It pauses at 15 seconds so you know when to move it to a new section of your face. You can push the middle button again and it’ll pause until you push it again, after applying your skincare routine, for the anti-aging pulsations.

My Routine:

The way I’ve worked this into my routine is to use it as a compliment to my second cleansing. After wearing makeup all day, I always cleanse with an oil first, rinse and then apply a cream cleanser. This device won’t make your cleanser foam, so you need to do that yourself, apply it to your face and then use the brush to finish cleansing.


I like that this very, very gently exfoliates your face. It’s not something you really notice until after a few days of constant usage though. It also reminds you to pay attention to all parts of your face. I feel that 15 seconds isn’t long enough though, so I tend to go longer than the allocated time, but it does have an automatic switch off function so you don’t over do it. You do not need to press this against your face hard at all.

The next part is using the anti-aging mode. After cleansing I put on my toner and moisturiser and then press this against my face, under my eyes, around my mouth and over my eyebrows. I won’t lie, it feels soothing and relaxing but almost a bit silly.

While I actually do believe that relaxing your facial muscles will ultimately improve any wrinkles caused by the muscles tensing, you can achieve this by other methods too. This also isn’t addressing wrinkles caused by other factors, like sun damage and dehydrating. It’s ultimately a mini massage with a vibrating device.

Final Word

If you don’t clean your face properly, then I think this device and how it’s designed will help with that and not just for the reason you might think. They’re a bit sneaky with this fact, but the Luna 2 is not designed for makeup removal. They actually state to clean your makeup off first and then clean again. So already, you’re washing your face twice, which of course will leave you with cleaner skin.

The biggest benefit I do see, is the gentle and constant exfoliation. If your skin is too sensitive for physical or chemical exfoliation then this could be brilliant for you.

Another benefit is the massage the anti-aging mode will give you, but I don’t think that technology is as fancy as described. You know how else I massage my face? My rose quartz roller. I love that thing and it was a fraction of the price!


So all in all, if you want this then, why not? You won’t have to replace the brush head or keep buying or washing face cloths. It does improve your skincare routine and ultimately your skin because of how it’s designed to make you clean twice and the gentle exfoliation.

I absolutely wouldn’t pay full price for this though. Look for coupons or wait for a sale. I purchased this for $170 AUD and while I’m not unhappy about it, it’s not a necessity for my skin.


Official Website


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