Nui Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches – Nyree, Kura, Emere, Tiare, Ruiha & Tempora

I was only able purchase samples of these colours so I almost have the entire Nui Cosmetics range of natural lipsticks swatched for you!


You can find the full review and the other colours I’ve already photographed here:

Nui Cosmetics Natural Lipstick Review and Swatches – Amira, Pania and Tahnee

I really like that this collection has a good spectrum of interesting colours and the formula is great. They’re a very clean choice for anyone wanting punchy colours, without animal by-products or artificial colouring. The price is a little steep for us Australians, unfortunately but I still think they’re worth it, if you find a colour you adore.


Nyree, Kura, Emere, Tiare, Ruiha and Tempora




Warm, apricot, nude, silky finish

Nui Cosmetics Swatches - Nyree - Gone Swatching xo

This nude is perfect for me, in colour and balance between lightness and darkness. I really liked Mousse from Au Naturale but their scent is far too overpowering for me. I’ll purchase this in full next chance I have because it suits me so well.


Rosy mauve, matte finish

Nui Cosmetics Swatches - Kura - Gone Swatching xo

This is more of a satin matte finish than a true matte. It’s a lovely lighter mauve, so very wearable for every day, or even a date night.


The warm coral with a slightly orange undertone is particularly good for dark skin types and red-haired women.

Nui Cosmetics Swatches - Emere - Gone Swatching xo

A pretty, juicy and bright coral. It looks a little neon on me but I don’t think it’s garish.


Tiare has a silky-shiny finish. The deep violet gives your look a mysterious flair

Nui Cosmetics Swatches - Tiare - Gone Swatching xo

I’m no expert in lipstick formulation so I don’t know the challenges associated with it, but I’m yet to find this type of shade without the patchiness. It’s super creamy but it just means that the pigment moves around and refuses to give a complete and even coverage.


Ruiha has a matte finish. The warm dark-hued mauve shade creates an elegant look

Nui Cosmetics Swatches - Ruiha - Gone Swatching xo

While they describe it dark-hued it still comes across as quite pale and pastel on my darker lips. If you’re interested in this shade though, I think the Kjaer Weis Lip Tint in Amazed is quite similar. This could be a good vegan alternative.


Tempora has a slightly satin finish. This Merlot tone with a slightly pink undertone accompanies you perfectly through the everyday or night life and suits all skin tones

Nui Cosmetics Swatches -Tempora - Gone Swatching xo

Out off all these shades, Tempora is quite a lot stiffer and wears much more like matte lipstick. It’s such a deep stain, the way it wears is good because there is less slip than the other shades.

Nui Cosmetics Swatches - Nyree, Kura & Emere - Gone Swatching xo

Nui Cosmetics Swatches - Tiare, Ruiha & Tempora - Gone Swatching xo

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