Nui Cosmetics Natural Lipstick Review & Swatches – Amiria, Pania & Tahnee

Good news for all you out there who are strictly vegan, the next few blog posts are all about a company based in Berlin have an entire range formulated without any animal byproducts. That means carmine, beewax or anything else. They’re also dye free so great for anyone looking for products with exceptionally clean ingredients.

Our vegan lipstick comes with a melt-away and second-skin texture


These are made with 86% Certified Organic Ingredients, vegan and gluten free. Expiration is12 months after opening and each lipstick retails for €28.00 or $51 CAD for 4.5g. I’m yet to find a stockist in Australia unfortunately.





I like that the bullet is a matte black that doesn’t show fingerprints too easily and the little window so you can see the colour is almost genuis. No more flipping over the product to see the sticker at the bottom. It does feel a little flimsy though … that’s the only downside.


There’s no discernible scent for me so I love that.


These are all soft and easy to apply. Some shades are a little patchier than others. They’re not balmy enough to completely cover any dryness on the lips, so if you don’t want colour to catch and gather, then I’d exfoliate beforehand.


Applied straight from the bullet all of these have medium to full coverage, which is buildable without patching. The only exception is Tiare.


Amiria, Pania and Tahnee



Amiria lipstick has a silky-shiny finish and a warm to neutral pink shade


This is a very pretty colour but I do feel that it sits on tops of my lips a little. It’s maybe a touch too bright and not quite warm enough for my skin tone. I find that mixing this with Ilia Beauty Come Undone gives me the perfect pink so I’m pretty happy about that.


Pania has a matte finish. The light peach shade radiates your complexion and gives a fresh nude look


I don’t really see any peach in this but then again it’s too light for me. I’m pretty sure that’s obvious in this picture. I’m sure it would suit someone with lighter skin and cool undertones.


Tahnee has a matte finish. This warm nude accompanies you perfectly through the everyday life and suits all skin tones


While Tahnee is slightly darker and warmer, it’s still too light, at least for my personal preferences.


  • Great ingredients, which also excludes some other common ingredients
  • No scent
  • Good opacity
  • Nice and smooth formula
  • Vegan


  • Not available from retailers in Australia, so they are quite expensive to buy and ship
  • These two nudes shades aren’t for darker skin tones.

Final Word:

Even though I don’t like the two nudes I tried, I do like the formula. I especially like how clean the ingredients are. I also like that I have a pink I can mix because I have been searching for a baby pink for a while now. I’m looking forward to trying the other colours I bought samples of.

Nui Cosmetics Review and Swatches - Gone Swatching xo

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