Lepaar Wholistic Skincare Review


I found this brand by complete accident but I was instantly drawn to them and not just because they’re infused with 24k gold! I’m super skeptical about using gold as skincare. It’s become the new trend I feel.

That said, it was the rest of the ingredients that caught my attention. Many of the oils are cold-pressed, sun-infused and bio-dynamic which is a step further than organic.

I really encourage you to go to their website and read about the ingredients because not only are they completely transparent but they also include the provenance of each one. Not many, if any companies will offer this depth of information!

You may have already seen my Best of 2018 Skincare and I was able to include all three of their elixirs among my favourites. My skin adores them and in only a couple of weeks I saw a real difference.

Let’s start the review shall we?


Mini Genesis Set

This includes trial sizes of their Precious Face Elixir, Intensive Renew Night Elixir, Harmonizing Rose Serum and Velvet Lip and Face Balm. I bought this just in case my skin reacted to the olive oil (something I’ve actively avoided because I’ve been worried about breakouts)


Precious Face Elixir



I was a little hesitant about olive oil, as I’ve only known it to be one of the heavier oils but it doesn’t affect the consistency at all. This is silky smooth and light.

I was so surprised when I first tried this. All because of the scent. It’s sensual. It’s soft. It’s subtle and all at the same time, it is intoxicating. It makes me stop and take a deep breath, every time I use it (and I use it morning and night). If you’re not new to my blog then you’ll know I normally HATE fragrance. So this is why I was so surprised to adore this one.


Even after a few days of incorporating this into my routine I’ve noticed a big change in my skin. It’s softer, more radiant and the fine lines in between my brows aren’t as noticeable anymore. I will most definitely repurchase when this runs out.


Harmonising Rose Serum



I was expecting the floral scent to be more to my tastes but it’s a little heavy on its own. When I’ve used this on it’s own I didn’t notice huge changes.


I feel like this supercharges the other two elixirs. So now I mix two drops of this and the Precious Face Elixir. The heady scent adds another level. It’s been more than enough to moisturise my face without resorting to my heavy balm at night time. I’ve never had this using an oil so I’m thrilled that this is nourishing enough.


Intensive Renew Night Elixir



The very first time I applied this, it felt a little intense. It’s hard to accurately describe it but it was almost a slight firming sensation.


I don’t experience that now that I’ve used it so much that I’ve almost finished the bottle. Two drops added into the Rose Serum is enough for me to wake up with supple skin. I’ve really noticed how much brighter and clearer my skin looks overall every morning. This is another I’m getting a little addicted to and I’ll definitely have to repurchase.


Velvet Face + Lip Balm



The golden insignia on the lid of the glass pot gives this tiny, unassuming pot a touch of luxury. I don’t love balm in pots (only because they are natural enemies to my long nails) but it’s an easy work around. This feels more like a gloss than a thicker balm and I love that it doesn’t bother my sensitive lips, while at the same time healing them.


The texture also means it’s nice to use as an all over face balm. I’ll always love the Queen Bee Secrets but this does feel much lighter and it stills works wonders at softening and moisturizing. The notes of frankincense and myrrh are only barely there, which is perfect for my sensitive nose.

I’m always surprised by how quickly it works to smooth and soften my lips. It takes one application to improve any dryness. It also plumps up my lips and makes them pinker. It’s my favourite balm yet and I must admit it’s forced me to re-evaluate balm as a necessity.


Elemental Day Silk



This doesn’t rub in completely transparent however it’s pretty close. A thin layer keeps it almost undetectable under makeup. It’s there but not heavy or irritating to the point where I need to wash it off immediately.


The first time I wore this, I had no issues but the second day it broke me out. It must be the zinc because every time I wear any facial sunscreen in successive days I end up with very congested skin. I don’t want to discard it because I can still use it for my hands and arms but I would love to find a facial sunscreen I can wear on a daily basis!


All up, I’m so pleased I’ve tried Lepaar. Their products are expensive, especially for the largest sizes but they are worth it. I’ve not had such smooth skin for a long time and the results came in a few days, without resorting to overuse. The elixirs are must-have for me. I also think that the Mini Genesis kit is great value because you can test them without having to invest too much money.

I had a slight delay with receiving my package due to the holiday rush and an issue with the courier but Johanna and Christo provide such good customer service it made up for it!


Official Website

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