Natural & Organic Skincare Empties – April 2019

I haven’t done one of these in a while because in my pursuit of clearing my skin, I’ve been testing quite a few new products. I have pretty reactive skin and unfortunately some of the new ones have joined my skincare graveyard, so they’ll never be finished! If you’re curious about those then I’d be happy to put together a post for you.

Though I never like giving bad reviews for companies that put their heart and soul into creating products, truth is, not everything will work for everyone. I still think that bad reviews, if done constructively, can give some insight to anyone interested.


Okoko Cosmétiques

Secret du Dragon Gel to Milk cleanser & L’elixir de Clarté

Natural & Organic Skincare Empties Okoko Cosmetiques Elixir du Clarte - April 2019. By Green Beauty Blogger Gone Swatching xo

I’m pretty sure this version of the Secret du Dragon was limited edition and I haven’t tried the updated version. This one though was really enjoyable to use, even if it was thick and sticky. The way it gently cleansed, leaving my skin soft, clean and without stripping oils was so nice. It worked best when I took my time and the more consistently I used it seemed to help brighten and soften my skin as well.

The L’elixir de Clarté was my favourite toner I’ve used so far. Before it, I’d never been sold on them. It feels innocuous but it’s the way it clears congestion, brightens and tones that makes it worth it. There’s no stinging, no sticky residue and no lingering fragrance of vanilla.

Natural & Organic Skincare Empties Okoko Cosmetiques - April 2019. By Green Beauty Blogger Gone Swatching xo

Wabi Sabi Botanicals

Balancing Act & Blemish Correct Intensif Serum

Natural & Organic Skincare Empties. Wabi Sabi Botanicals - April 2019. By Green Beauty Blogger Gone Swatching xo

These two just aren’t for me, as my skin seems to breakout from them both. They’re super concentrated though. The Blemish Correct had a very distinct scent of mustard. If you didn’t have any issues with any of the ingredients then they’re power houses of treatments. The Light Reveal Serum is still by far the best eye treatment I’ve used, especially for darkness.


Citrus Brightening Argan Oil

Natural & Organic Skincare Empties. Acure - April 2019. By Green Beauty Blogger Gone Swatching xo

This is proof to me that not all oils are equal. When I was younger, argan oil was enough for me but now it’s nothing compared to balms and elixirs that actually improve my skin tone and texture now. The scent is quite interesting though, zesty ginger and fresh citrus, without being sickly sweet. It does linger though so I could never stand it near my nose. I never like wasting skincare though so I did add this to my body moisturiser to up the effectiveness.


Intensive Renew Night Elixir, Harmonising Rose Serum, Precious Face Elixir & Velvet Face + Lip Balm

Natural & Organic Skincare Empties Lepaar - April 2019. By Green Beauty Blogger Gone Swatching xo

All of these were testers so I’ve actually finished these a while ago. The only one not pictured is the Face + Lip balm as I broke the pot!

I love every single one of these! I’ve already repurchased the Night Elixir, Face Elixir and balm. The balm fixes chapped lips overnight. The serums have been just what my dull, scarred skin has needed to even overall darkness. I would have repurchased the Rose Serum as it supercharged the others but I wanted to try some other offerings by Lepaar, so sacrifices had to be made!




Let me know what you think!

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