Divine Herbal – Divinelash Review

I haven’t used an eyelash serum since I tried the one from Claribel Skincare, however I was lucky enough to be sent this one, the Divinelash from Divine Herbal.

Divine Herbal was created from the desire to find an effective, yet natural and nourishing range to treat hairloss and thinning hair. Once they developed an effective hair oil, they expanded their offerings to a full range that claims to not only stop hair loss, but also to stimulate new hair growth and strengthen existing hair.

Divine Herbal Divinelash Review & Test. Australian Natural, Green Beauty Blogger. Gone Swatching xo

I opted to trial the Divinelash serum, which is an oil based serum designed to minimize lash breakage, while also improving growth. It retails for £27.99 for 2.5ml/0.08 fl oz. If you’re using it once daily, it should last approximately 3 months.


Divine Herbal Divinelash Review & Ingredients. Natural, Green Beauty Blogger. Gone Swatching xo

It’s great that this serum is fragrance free, vegan and silicone free. The formula is 99.7% organic too, with nourishing oils. None of the oils used have an overpowering scent either, which means it should be suitable for even the most sensitive eyes.

It’s easy to twist up the small amount of serum you need and then run it along your eyelashes with the soft tipped applicator. You can also brush it through your lashes.

Divine Herbal Divinelash Review. Natural, Australian Green Beauty Blogger. Gone Swatching xo

The first few times I used this I didn’t notice any irritation, even if it ended up into my eyes. I find that you only need a tiny amount. In fact using too much will definitely ensure it ends up in your eyes. It doesn’t sting but I do not recommend getting any in your eyes. I find that they end up feeling really heavy and gummed up.

I started seeing small changes after only about a week. My lashes looked glossier and felt softer. Unfortunately, with busy life and after a few times where it ended up in my eyes, I found myself using it a bit too sporadically to actually see the full results. On their website, they do say it will take at least 6 weeks of continued use to see thickening and lengthening.

Divine Herbal Divinelash Review. Organic, Natural, Green Beauty Blogger. Gone Swatching xo

Final Word:

Overall I like that this serum is very nourishing, but I do find it hard to keep it from ending up in my eyes throughout the night. I end up waking up with my eyes feeling gummy and although all the oils are gentle, I don’t enjoy anything in my eyes. My eyelashes are quite long and in good condition to begin with, so the biggest changes I noticed were that they were glossier, stronger and softer. It makes my lashes look amazing with mascara.

I will admit though, I’ve only ever worn fake lashes once and never had lash extensions, so they’ve never been damaged. I think this serum would be much better suited to someone who needs to fortify their lashes after they’ve been weakened. However, it is great to have a gentle treatment that maintains my already healthy lashes.

I actually found myself adding this along my hair line and eyebrows, which really helped to condition those areas too. It probably wasn’t created for that purpose, but my hairline is terribly uneven. I also have quite a high forehead, and this helps improve my baby hairs, which in turn helps even out my wonky hairline and make my hair look fuller.

Divine Herbal Divinelash Review. Natural, Green Beauty Blogger. Gone Swatching xo


*Product was kindly gifted, but in no way alters my opinion*

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