What Colours Your Makeup?

Organic and natural makeup is here to stay and there’s nothing bad about that. More and more companies are finding ways to create luxury makeup without compromising our environment or animals. For anyone new to the green beauty market it can be confusing, overwhelming and difficult to determine what to avoid and what to embrace….


Beautifēk Lipsticks Review & Swatches – Amber, Coral, Ruby & Garnet

I’m actually excited when I find new companies to test out, particularly those that stand out from the others. Beautifēk Lipsticks are one of those few. Their entire range is free of titanium dioxide and mica and they’ve added tumeric powder for their healing properties. It also gives these lipsticks amazing staying power but more…

Ere Perez Chamomile Eye Palette Review & Swatches – Gorgeous

Ere Perez have gradually re-vamped their products and I was so glad to see that they released an eyeshadow palette. Ere Perez do not have an organic certification, but they do have Cruelty Free, Vegan and Non GMO certifications. These eyeshadows expire 12 months after opening. The palette costs $40.00 AUS for 6g and then you…