Beautifēk Lipsticks Review & Swatches – Amber, Coral, Ruby & Garnet

I’m actually excited when I find new companies to test out, particularly those that stand out from the others.

Beautifek Lipstick Review & Swatches on asian skin. Amber, Ruby, Coral & Garnet. Gone Swatching xo

Beautifēk Lipsticks are one of those few. Their entire range is free of titanium dioxide and mica and they’ve added tumeric powder for their healing properties. It also gives these lipsticks amazing staying power but more on that later!

Full disclaimer upfront: I was exceptionally lucky to be contacted by Sylvia, the owner of Beautifēk Lipsticks. She graciously sent me these samples for me to review and swatch.


Beautifēk lipsticks are formulated with organic ingredients, but don’t carry official certification. As I mentioned before, these lipsticks are mica and titanium dioxide free. These two ingredients are common place in most natural and organic products but there are some people with sensitivities. They also omit carmine, fragrance, and lake dyes. Each shade is certified with PETA as cruelty free.

Their expiration is 12 months after opening. Beautifēk is based in the US and are $27.00 USD for 4g. While you can have them shipped internationally, I have good news for us Aussies. They’re stocked at Biome, for $39.95. This eco-conscious online retailer is in Queensland and they also have a few stores in Brisbane, which means we can avoid any crazy shipping charges!


Beautifek Lipstick Review & Swatches. Ingredients List. Gone Swatching xo

Each lipstick is housed in a nice, sleek black matte lipstick tube, with the middle tapering in slightly. I like plain black because they don’t end up as fingerprint magnets.

Beautifek Lipstick Review & Swatches. Amber, Coral, Garnet & Ruby. Gone Swatching xo

No essential oils means no fragrance! There also isn’t a strong scent of oil and waxes, so good news for everyone! Amber, Ruby and Garnet all have a slightly balmier feel. Coral is a true satin matte. Regardless of the finish they’re all really nice to wear as they’re a little more forgiving on dry patches.

Pure pigment is the best way to describe these! In fact they’ll all stain to some degree but Coral is definitely the longest lasting, strongest staining out of the bunch. They’ve worked some magic to incorporate tumeric powder into the formula without making them grainy.


Amber, Ruby, Coral and Garnet

Beautifek Lipstick Review & Product Swatches. Amber, Ruby, Coral & Garnet. Gone Swatching xo


Beautifek Lipstick Review & Swatches. Amber. Gone Swatching xo

Amber is a very balmy, easy to wear light orange. It’s so wearable, I don’t think it’s overly neon at all.


Beautifek Lipstick Review & Swatches. Coral. Gone Swatching xo

This is one of my favourite shades I’ve found to date, that deep orange toned red is stunning. It’s a very close match to Bittersweet by Nudus, the same finish but with much more pigment and staying power. I barely had to use any to achieve this level of coverage.


Beautifek Lipstick Review & Swatches. Ruby. Gone Swatching xo

A deep ruby red. The formula of this more balmy, you can probably see that from the shine.



This is a dark sultry shade with a touch more merlot than Ruby.


  • Clean ingredients
  • No mica means no shimmer (along with keeping anyone with sensitivities in mind). I much prefer lipstick without shimmer
  • Long lasting
  • Balmy and comfortable to wear
  • Absolutely no scent
  • Cruelty free


  • The formula isn’t strictly vegan as they do contain beeswax

Final Word:

On top of the super clean ingredients, I am so happy that these lipsticks are formulated without any fragrance, even essential oils! I’ve never had issues with mica or titanium dioxide but I really appreciate that they’ve made these in mind for those who do have sensitivities.

I personally love Coral and Ruby. Coral is perfect on it’s own and Ruby is one of those shades I wished I would wear out a night out. They recommend mixing lipsticks to create a custom colour so I’d be super curious to see how Ruby transforms with Amber.

Beautifek Lipstick Review & Swatches. Amber, Ruby, Coral & Garnet. Gone Swatching xo

Beautifek Lipstick Review and Swatches. Vegan, mica & titanium dioxide free. Gone Swatching xo

Disclaimer: I was so lucky to be sent the full size product and the samples by the company, in exchange for my review. This did not alter my view or opinion in any way.

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