Organic and Natural Empties – December 2016

Here are all the products I used up in the last month.

Gone Swatching xo

In no particular order, first we have the Acure Sensitive facial cream. This is a quite thick cream that is very good at moisturising but leaves my skin with a bit of a sheen. This works to counteract the dryness in winter but is not good for me in summer. It’s also not unscented, even though it says it’s fragrance free. I can’t describe the smell, but it’s weird and almost as if the product is off. I managed to desensitize after a while, only because I held my breath while applying it. It’s strong though. It almost put me off and my boyfriend hates it. He won’t ever use it again. If you need a heavier cream and can get past the smell it never made me break out and did make my skin feel very hydrated. I’m not going to purchase again unless I need it for winter.



This body moisturiser is absolutely scent free and it doesn’t leave a heavy, greasy film either. While I would like something a little more nurturing for winter it still works great and is easy to apply in the morning without having to wait for ages for it to sink in. I have re-purchased this a few times but I’m a little bored so I might try another brand.




I won’t ever stop using this because of the way it transforms my skin. Without it, I develop fine lines and dryness very easily now. As soon as I use this my skin plumps up again. I also don’t break out, even though it’s a thick, heavy balm (as long as I really work it into my skin and not leave it as a thick layer). As a bonus, once the tin is used up, I can reuse it, as well as the little spatula that comes with it. I bought these in bulk almost 2 years ago now so I still have a couple in supply. They last for ages.



I have only seen in this supermarkets in Thailand so I’m unsure of how easy they are to purchase online or any other country. A quick look on Amazon says it’s available from there, but I haven’t looked into postage. I love this tooth paste. I feel that it’s whitened my teeth and keeps my breath fresh for longer. There’s also no sweetener added, which I find many toothpastes have. I’m sold. I went to Thailand last year, at the beginning of the year and I bought 5 tubes and they’ve lasted me and my boyfriend this long. I asked my Mum to buy me more when she went to Thailand in November so I will keep on using it, for as long as I can buy it.



I used this in my last tutorial but I think it’s time to give it up. It’s clumpy and dry now and doesn’t work well anymore. That being said, when it’s fresh it’s brilliant because it doesn’t clump lashes together and it lengthens them really well. It’s not a jet black but they have a black version. What I like most about it though, is that it doesn’t flake or smudge during the day. When I do want to remove it, I can wet my fingers, gently rub them against the lashes (without having to rub against the delicate eye area) and it comes off really easily. I want to re-purchase, however last time I checked, the cost of shipping to Australia was ludicrous.



I haven’t seen dramatic results all over but it’s noticeably lightened my dark patch on my forehead. I like it mostly because it’s excellent for day time, as it doesn’t make me oily or leave a sheen. It also wears well under my mineral makeup and it doesn’t feel sticky to the touch. The only downsize is that I use two pumps a day and I go through it so much quicker than a cream. It has a light, thin consistency. I have re-purchased this in October and have gone through half of the new bottle already!



This was one of my first purchases from Ere Perez and I used it almost every day, long before I started this blog. It feels more substantial, like a lipstick, but has the sheen and feel of a balm. It has the barest tint of pink so it is a very good every day colour, especially if you don’t like lipstick but want a longer lasting balm.

Let me know what you think!

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