Organic and Natural Empties – April 2017

It’s been a while since I blogged, but I’m hoping once things have settled down a little I can start up again. As always life goes on. This month I ran out of a quite a few things, so I saved them up for this post.

Organic and Natural Empties - April 2017

Claribel Skincare

As you can see I’ve collected quite a few from this range and I have to say, it is my favourite skincare line that I have found so far. I just bought a new batch of products to try so you’ll be seeing them much more on this blog.

Apple and Cranberry AHA Cleanser


This has a very thin texture and doesn’t foam at all. I felt that I needed to use quite a bit, so I would have used it up very quickly if it weren’t for the fact that I just didn’t feel it was an effective cleanser. It smelt fresh and sweet, with a distinct smell of apples that wasn’t over powering or offensive. I was hoping for something thicker. I don’t think it removed makeup well, so I ended up making sure I only used it on a bare face. Even then I don’t think it did much for my skin. There is something in it that stung my eyes if I put it too close so there are no doubt some strong ingredients. I won’t repurchase because I wear makeup most days and I need something thicker to help remove it.


Super Firming Anti-Aging Serum


Again, super thin and watery. It didn’t have enough to it to be moisturising so I ended up mixing one pump with another moisturiser. I don’t think it did anything for my skin. I’m probably not the best at judging though, as my skin isn’t in terrible condition, but even using Jojoba oil makes my skin look and feel plumper and smoother. I won’t repurchase this one either.

Lash and Brow Growth Boosting Serum


This works amazingly well and in a really short amount of time too. The condition of my lashes improve noticeably when I use this, at least once a day. They are longer and fuller. I only use it at night if I’m putting makeup on because it does not work well with mascara. Be careful when you apply too, it stings like crazy, if you get it in your eye but at least you know the ingredients aren’t toxic. Once I stop using this and start again, I realize how much nicer my eye lashes look so yes, will always repurchase.

Tighten and Lighten Gel Concentrate


I didn’t find that this tightened under my eyes, but then again there aren’t a lot of wrinkles or puffiness there. I was amazed though, that they lightened my bags considerably. I mean every one has them and I never thought mine were terrible but after using this for a while I realized how well it worked. I use mineral foundation and it did not work well underneath. It gave the makeup a whole new texture, but I can’t say how it would work underneath a liquid or cream one. I would definitely repurchase when I find my bags darkening again.



Papaya and Willow Bark Smoothing Enzyme Exfoliator


I’m not a huge fan of the way this smells. It’s a little medicinal and it’s quite strong, however it is a very effective exfoliator. It stings a little, so I wouldn’t recommend putting it on broken skin but for me it smoothed my skin so well. I also like that my skin doesn’t feel stripped or too tight afterwards, so I will definitely repurchase.

Manuka Biotic Light Day Cream


I cannot tell you how much I hate the smell of this. It’s not fragrance but the Manuka Oil has a very distinct scent that I dislike so much I have to hold my breath when using this. I actually had to end up using on my body instead because I didn’t like the scent on my face. It is indeed a very light moisturiser that didn’t leave me feeling greasy, but with still enough there to keep my skin happy. Another thing I disliked is that the product separated very easily so shaking it was a must. I will not repurchase based on the scent alone.

Nature’s Skin and Body Food OXI Glow Oxygen Foaming Coffee Scrub


I found that when they shipped it, oil had leaked out so I think this affected the product as it was very dry. Even still the instructions tell you to either have damp skin or mix with a little water. The vanilla scent isn’t my favourite but luckily the coffee dominates it. It’s very effective, as most physical scrubs are. I didn’t notice amazing results that far exceeded a home made scrub of sugar, sea salt and coconut oil so I honestly don’t see why you couldn’t save money and make your own. I don’t think I would repurchase purely based on the fact I do make my own scrub now and I think it’s just as effective.

Let me know what you think!

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