Kjaer Weis Cream Blush Review & Swatches

Kjaer Weis are one of my favourite brands based on the packaging alone. I really appreciate the packaging and the quality of the products, so if you’re after the same luxury you’d find in an high-end conventional brand then they are absolutely comparable, if not better.

Kjaer-Weis-Cream-Blush-Review-and-Swatches---Gone-Swatching-xoI’ve reviewed their lipsticks and lip tints so far and I actually have been using the lip tint as a blush so I decided to try them out.

The first three shades, Happy, Abundance and Above and Beyond are all carmine free, however the last two Joyful and Desired Glow are not. I normally don’t buy products with carmine in them but I’ve also been looking for some more neutral shades.

Organic Certification:

CCPB Certified Organic (excluding shades Above & Beyond and Happy). Of the agriculturally derived ingredients in this product, a minimum of 95% comes from organic farming.


Kjaer-Weis-Cream-Blush-Ingredients---Gone-Swatching-xo*Joyful and Desired Glow both contain carmine

Each refill lasts 30 months before being opened and 12 months after being opened.

$56.00 US for the refillable compact and 0.085oz or 2.4g. of the product.  The refills alone sell for $32.00 US. You can buy in Australia for $80.00 AUS for the compact and colour, or $46.00 AUS for each refill.


Kjaer-Weis-Cream-Blush-Refillable-Compact---Gone-Swatching-xoThis compact is beautiful. It’s sleek and so sturdy. As with the lip tints, you can pop out the pan by pushing a pin through a hole of the bottom of the compact. The only thing I don’t like is how easily the surfaces scratches, and so this makes it impossible (at least for me) to travel with. I’ve bought a z-palette to use if I need to travel with them.

These are barely scented. I find the lip tints to have a stronger scent.

The texture is nice and smooth. It doesn’t take much pressure or heat from your fingers to warm up. It stays more of a satin finish on the skin. It’s easy to apply with your fingers or a brush. I use my Artis oval brush, but it’s so easily blended, fingers work just as well.

The first application can be sheered out to a barely there flush, but you can certainly can build in layers to make the colour pop.


Happy, Abundance, Above & Beyond, Joyful & Desired Glow

With all cream colours, you can use them as blush or lip colours, or even on your eyes if you wanted! I’ve taken photos with the product on my lip so the colour is better represented as I like using a light hand when I apply blush, which can make it hard to photograph. I like using these as a soft hint of colour because they aren’t overly emollient and also feel a little powdery on the lips.


This exuberant, bright pink is our most pigmented blush yet

Gorgeous on all skin colors; exceptional on darker complexions

Kjaer-Weis-Cream-Blush-Review-and-Swatches-Happy-Gone-Swatching-xoHappy is so brightly pigmented when you first apply it but it’s almost effortless to sheer out to a lighter, softer, pink. I’ve found that I need a brighter and more strongly pigmented blush to achieve a soft, baby pink so this is a great colour that gives me that youthful but not garish pink.


Abundance is a plummy taupe with an iridescent finish. A rich color that gives cheeks a modern glow

Perfect for adding rich color to pale to medium skin tones, or as a highlighter for medium-dark skin with golden undertones

Kjaer-Weis-Cream-Blush-Review-and-Swatches-Abundance-Gone-Swatching-xoOn my lips, this isn’t the best colour as there’s not enough plum and on my cheeks it still comes across as a little flat. I just prefer pinks and reds on me.

Above and Beyond

A “poppy” very pigmented coral red, that exudes a radiant warm glow to cheeks

Works beautifully on medium to dark skin tones, especially on Hispanic and dark skin tones

Kjaer-Weis-Cream-Blush-Review-and-Swatches-Above-&-Beyond-Gone-Swatching-xoAbove and Beyond looks very similar to their liptint, Romance. They say this is a coral red, whereas the latter is a reddish pink tone, but they swatch almost identical on my skin. I like them both, but Romance is better on the lips if that’s the intention.


Joyful is a deep, reddish coral, that is a beautiful compliment to tan skin

Works for fair to medium-dark skin. An ideal shade for medium to dark skin with olive or golden undertones

Kjaer-Weis-Cream-Blush-Review-and-Swatches-Joyful-Gone-Swatching-xoIn the pan, this looks a quite muted and it applies as a warm apricot.

Desired Glow

Desired Glow gives the illusion of just returning from holiday, with the look of a subtle tan

Ideal for light to medium skin. Perfect blush to balance redness prone cheeks.

Kjaer-Weis-Cream-Blush-Review-and-Swatches-Desired-Glow-Gone-Swatching-xoThis is the kind of muted, warm nude I’ve been searching for and I love it on my cheeks. It’s warm enough to not wash me out if I use it on my lips, but I do really love it for blush that doesn’t look like blush if that makes sense. Pink really does brighten my complexion and gives me that innocent flush but I’ve always wanted blush that isn’t actually pink but gives me that glow.

Final Word:

I’d never enjoyed blush as much as I do now that I use these. The compacts are, as always amazingly luxuriou,s but not necessary if you want to save money. It’s a lot of money to pay for makeup! I put the pans in my z palette so they’re always ready to travel with.

The colour payoff is great and can easily be sheered out or layered for whatever effect you’re going for. I also like that they don’t leave my skin feeling or looking oily. You can barely feel the product on your cheeks. You can however feel it on your lips. I think the best way to use it for you lips would be to smudge it lightly and then apply a balm or a gloss.

Even though I don’t love buying products with carmine I am glad I bought the two shades. I love Desired Glow and I like that Joyful is a beautiful colour but I prefer it over Above and Beyond because it’s muted. I think all the shades suit me, it’s only Abundance that is a little flat for my skin tone.


Kjaer Weis Cream Blush - Gone Swatching xo

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Updated 15/10/2019


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