10 Vegan and Organic Coral Lipsticks

2015 will be forever known as my coral obsession year. I bought skirts, dresses, tops and lipsticks trying to find that perfect and seemingly elusive colour that would suit me best. I wanted a true balance between orange and pink.

4-Organic,-Vegan-and-Non-Toxic-Coral-LipsticksIt’s now 2018 and I always love wearing coral on my lips! It’s such a pretty colour and really brings warmth and liveliness to any outfit.

Just like red, coral lipsticks are best compared side to side. In Australia though, there aren’t many stores that have a wide range of different organic and natural cosmetics brands, so hopefully this post can help you if you’re trying to decide between a few.

In keeping with my theme for the month, these are all shades from brands that are strictly vegan.Organic,-Vegan-and-Toxin-Free-Coral-Lipstick-Swatches.-Gone-Swatching-xo

Now, you ask, which ones are best suited to you? In my humble opinion, Sunsets, Jolie and Noble all work beautifully on my skin tone. Emere is wearable but a touch too light so not my first pick. The other two are best suited to lighter skin tones and even cooler undertones. I personally love the look and feel of Jolie and Noble. The glossy formula and colour combined is what makes the perfect coral.

Have you tried any of these? Are there any you think I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below. I want to know which ones are your favourites.

Axiology Noble and Gressa Jolie Lip swatch. Gone Swatching xo


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