10+ Green Beauty Boutiques to Shop on Green Friday 2018

While Black Friday is not normally something we Australians enjoy (or endure, depending on who you ask) almost no one will say no to a great deal! Many green beauty boutiques are doing their own spin on the sale and turning it into their own Green Friday. Our wallets might be shaking but there is no better time to buy or restock on your favourite organic, natural and non-toxic skincare and makeup brands!

Green Friday Sales 2018 for Green Beauty

Personally, I can think of nothing worse than braving the crowds, so you can bet I’ll be searching online for a few deals!

Here are 15 online boutiques I know are offering discounts for Black Friday. At the time I post this, some of these offers won’t be live just yet. You can always head over to their sites to see if anything is calling to you and sneakily add it to your wishlist!

15 Green Beauty Boutiques to Buy and Save Money on Black-Green Friday 2018

Keep reading to see the specific codes needed to unlock each discount.


I’ve found five other retailers so I’ve added them below.

Aurora Beauty

You can use the code GF20 for 20% off your entire order. It lasts until Cyber Monday so you still have time. They stock brands such as 14e cosmetics, Clove+Hallow, Fitglow, Gressa and Henne Organics.

Wabi-Sabi Botanicals

Wabi-Sabi are a skincare line fully focused on ethically sourcing amazing ingredients and they have just released some new products so it’s worth having a look. The code is SHOPINDIE for 20% off storewide. 

Earthwise Beauty

I’ve never bought from this brand before but I’ve definitely wanted to. Their ingredients are super clean and picked for efficiency. You can use the code BlackFriday for 20% off all products, through from the 23rd to the 26th of November.

Beautiful Because

Lucky for us Australians, this store is based here, so not only can we shop locally we don’t have to pay a huge amount for shipping! As long as you’re a newsletter subscriber, this sale finishes on the 7th December so you have some time to decide what you want.

SAVE10 – 10% off any order over $100
SAVE15 – 15% off any order over $200

Kjaer Weis, Kypris, May Lindstrom, MV Organic Skincare & Vintner’s Daughter are all excluded from the sale. 

Adorn Cosmetics

Australian owned and operated, this brand is offering 15% off if you use the code BF18. Their classic mineral lipstick in the shade ‘Natural Red’ is my favourite from them.

Petit Vour

Right now, they’re taking an extra 20% off their sale range with the code THANKS20 (which isn’t limited to skincare and makeup). You can also get 50% off your first subscription box if you subscribe to a minimum of 3 months. This sale is currently on-going and I can’t find an end date on their site.


With this UK based company you can choose from 3 offers:

15% off any order using the code: FRIDAY15

20% off any order over £100: FRIDAY20

25% off any order over £250: FRIDAY25

They stock brands such as Kjaer Weis, RMS Beauty, Ilia Beauty and Axiology. Check their terms and conditions on their website, also keep in mind this one ends at midnight, 28th November.

Fig & Flower

This boutique, based in the USA have a similar scheme as mentioned before:

10% off orders up to $99: grateful10

15% off orders over $100: grateful15

20% off orders over $200: grateful20

You might need to sign up to their newsletter to see the codes for this site. They stock brands such as 100% Pure, Nu Evolution, Alima Pure, Clove + Hallow, Ilia Beauty, RMS Beauty and Vapour Beauty. This sale runs from Thursday through to Monday (EST), so you might have to plan ahead if you’re in a different time zone.

Nourished Life

Until the 27th of November you can use these codes:

5% storewide on orders $80+: CLICK5

10% storewide on orders $150: CLICK10

15% off orders over $200: CLICK15

Lucky for us Australians, this company is based in right here. They have a huge range of makeup and skincare that isn’t as easy for us to buy: Mineral Fusion, 100% Pure, Vapour Beauty as well as some Australian brands: Luk Beautifood, Ere Perez, Inika and Zuii Organics.


Their Black Friday is actually a Green Friday and their offers are as follows:

15% off all orders: GREEN15

20% off all orders over £100: GREEN20

The stock brands such as 100% Pure, Antipodes, Axiology, Ilia Beauty and RMS Beauty. The offer ends midnight 27th November 2018.


If you use the code FRIDAY you’ll save 15% off everything in this online store based in the UK. The offer ends NOON GMT 5th December 2018. There are a few exclusions to this offer, which you can check on their website. They stock a huge amount of clean and non-toxic makeup skincare, far too many for me to list here!

Citrine Natural Beauty Bar

10% off $100 – THX10

15% off $200 – THX15

20% off $300 – THX20

Citrine Natural Beauty Bar have a huge range of makeup and skincare brands, all well known in the green beauty industry. I think it might be for one day, Friday, so you’d have to co-ordinate to fit their timezone (GMT-7)

True Botanicals

One that I am definitely interested in, is True Botanicals. From their packaging, to their ingredients I almost bought a set last year when they did the same sale, but I held off. This year, I’m definitely taking them up on their 20% off offer, as they only do it once a year. At time of posting I’m not sure what the discount code is, so you’ll have to sign up to their newsletter to find out what it is. Again they’re based in America so consider the time difference.

Au Naturale

Buy directly from Au Naturale and you can save 20% off everything with the code 20THANKS. I’m not sure when it ends, so you might have to keep checking if you’re holding out for pay day.

The Green Beauty Jungle

You can use the promo code BFCM for 15% off their entire range, including the flash sale section. I think it excludes Gressa and Josh Rosebrook. They have a great range of makeup samples too by the way! It’s where I bought a huge bunch at the start of the year. They say this sale is for Black Friday and Cyber Monday so I’m not entirely sure when the codes will expire. This store is based in Canada so another thing to consider if you’re not local is the postage. It was $40 AUD for me.

Credo Beauty

So they’re not having a true sale with discounts, but if you spend $125 US, they’ll include a $100 clean beauty gift. From the promo photo it looks like it includes a Khol eyeliner, a Susanne Kaufmann cleansing gel, Pai face mask, Triology cleansing balm, W3ll People mascara and Ilia Beauty powder. They don’t ship to Australia unfortunately for us Aussies, but last time I had it shipped to a friend and then they shipped it for me.

Black-Green Friday Sales November 2018. 11 Places you can buy and save on Organic, Natural and Non-toxic Skin Care and Makeup

An honourable mention must go to RMS Beauty as well. They always have a Green Friday sale but it’s already finished for this year. I believe it started the 16th November and ended the 19th.

There are many stores on this list that stock RMS Beauty so you can still grab a bargain but I’d recommend signing up to their newsletter to be notified next year.


Let me know what you think!

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