11 Organic and Natural Nudes for Medium – Medium Dark Skin Tones

If you think about it, we put a lot of pressure on the humble nude lipstick. This shade is meant to moisturize, protect and perfect our lips without washing us out, yet still being flattering to our features and balancing other makeup! Considering how many unique skin tones there are, how it is even possible to create a nude that’s universally flattering? Especially one that is organic, natural or vegan.


The answer of course is that it’s impossible! I don’t think that this is a bad thing either. It means there are more options. You know that nail polish meme, ‘They’re not the same .. they’re similar?’ My own little nude lipstick collection keeps growing and growing! The biggest hurdle I hit time and time again, is lack of diversity used by makeup companies.

Aside from all the economical, social and general minefield of why the beauty industry is how it is (thankfully it’s slowly improving!), I’ve always wanted this blog to be another option for anyone trying to find new organic and natural makeup. So this week, I compiled a list of all the nudes I’ve tried and actually liked.


Mousse and Come Undone are absolute perfection on me, in terms of balance, tone and colour.

I also love Brilliant for a matte, apricot nude, while Nyree is also beautiful. They’re quite a bit warmer than the first two mentioned.

Rustic Mocha is a great, warm brown that surprisingly works well without being too dark.

Fierce is too dark to be a nude for me, but it still is super flattering. I think it would work wonders on someone with a deeper skin tone.


There is one more I should mention and haven’t photographed here. Belia is a deep, chocolate brown that has a glossy finish, while feeling balmy and not slick. It would be beautiful on deep skin tones. I reviewed it in my last post.

That’s it for my picks of organic and natural nudes that suit darker skin tones. Do you have a particular nude you’re absolutely in love with? Are there any you think I should try?


Let me know what you think!

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