4 Organic and Natural Orange Lipsticks

While I always wanted to wear red, I never wanted orange. That was before I tried Bittersweet!


Admittedly I only have 4 shades to offer you and that is purely because I still avoid buying it over other colours. If you’re like me but want to experiment, there are always other ways to test it. Try a coral or red, that leans more orange.


*Starred lipsticks are vegan


Out of all these Curious is the brightest, so definitely not for the faint hearted. Virtue is a sheer balm so you can have whatever impact you want.

I did a makeup tutorial ages ago, using Bittersweet as a bold lip colour and I still love still love that look! That was a good camera day! It reminds me of a summer sunset, deep orange with red undertones that make it all at once fresh and a little sultry. I’m looking forward to breaking it out again.




Let me know what you think!

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