Acure Skincare Review

Acure is not a completely new brand to me. I’ve used their Sensitive Facial Cream and the Sensitive Cleansing Cream before. I thought I’d finally write up a post on a few more I’ve tested over the last few months. If you’re searching for cleaner, non-toxic skin care but are on a budget, then they’re worth a look. This brand is an excellent example of green skincare that isn’t crazy expensive.Acure-Skin-Care-Review.-Non-toxic,-organic-and-natural-Skin-care

Seriously Soothing Cleansing Cream



So I’ll start with the one product that is a staple. I started using this back almost 5 years now when the bottle had a light green font and the smell was quite a bit stronger. I absolutely hated the smell when I first started using it. It almost smelt like it was expired, it was such a weird scent. I pushed through because I wanted to finish the bottle, especially since the thick cream was so effective at removing my makeup, while not stripping or drying my skin. After a little while the scent no longer bothered me. Which is so good because like I said, this is my staple cleanser. I normally wash my face with this first because it it thick enough to break down old makeup and lathers really well for a non-toxic cleanser. If I ever have skin sensitivities, I stop whatever I’m using and revert to only using this. It’s tried and tested for my skin. Another thing I really like is that the formula hasn’t changed this entire time. I know I can count on it every time I purchase. 


Brightening Cleansing Gel



Unfortunately the same can’t be said with this one. It lathers really well, the scent is quite minimal but also fresh and bursting of citrus but something irritates my skin. If you’re after a clean and non-toxic cleanser it might be for you.


Brilliantly Brightening Citrus Argan Oil



Argan oil is one of those oils that swept the beauty industry a while ago and for a while I did really enjoy using it. Now with my problematic, aging skin it’s just not enough. I don’t find it does that much for me. I also don’t like this one for my face because even though it’s a light and zesty fragrance (one of the few I can tolerate) it’s still enough to bother me. I’m using the rest for a daily body moisturiser but it’s not something I’ll repurchase.


Radically Rejuvenating Facial Toner Tonique


Acure-Skin-Care-Review.-Non-toxic,-organic-and-natural-Skin-care.-Radically-Rejuvinating-Facial-Toner-Ingredients.-Gone-Swatching-xoThis is a light and refreshing mist but I’ve not noticed a dramatic change in my skin from using it. To be fair, I used it sporadically over it’s life time and that’s not the best way to use toner. I often use this over makeup too and there’s something about sprays but I actually use a lot more this way. I never thought much about toners but the ones from Okokocosmetiques changed my mind. I’m glad this one doesn’t cost too much because as a way to set makeup I would breeze through it so quickly if I used it every day!

Acure-Skin-Care-Review.-Radically-Rejuvenating-Facial-Toner.-Gone-Swatching-xoFinal Word

All in all, Acure are the perfect example of skincare that isn’t about fancy packaging and overly exotic sounding ingredients but good, effective staples that don’t have to cost your entire wage. As long as the Soothing Cleanser formula stays the same I will always repurchase. The other three aren’t staples to me but only because my skin needs more care. I would consider buying more to test but at the moment I’m still a little obsessed with luxury skincare!

Find them here: Official Website


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