Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review – Resiliency Face Serum & Yasuni Face Balm

I’ll warn you in advance, they’ll be a fair amount of gushing in this post. So far there are only a few skincare must haves I’ve found and I’m happy to say that these two are included in the list. Maybe I’ll put together my must haves in a separate post!

Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review. Resiliency Face Serum & Yasuni Face Balm. By Green Beauty Blogger Gone Swatching xo

Earthwise are one of those few skincare brands that are overly focussed on ingredients and it’s not until you use them that you understand why. It can get overwhelming looking through the decriptions on their website, so I thought I’d buy two products, targeted for oily, acne-prone skin. This is something that continues to hound me even though I’m starting to show signs of wrinkles. How do I feed you my oily, oily skin!?

I bought these from Bowalla, which I must say is an excellent way to buy the serum and balm in full sizes, but at a huge discount. These products come with a price tag but I will happily splurge on skincare, as long as it makes a difference.

Resiliency Face Serum


Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review. Resiliency Face Serum Ingredients List. Gone Swatching xo

I have a habit of always being surprised that I don’t like the scent of blue chamomile, even though many products I buy has it included. First off, I’m thankful this dissipates very quickly and it’s only overpowering if I take a deep sniff. Secondly I’m also grateful that this is worth the slight discomfort. I would call the texture of this more of a gel than a serum. It’s so gloriously light and easily absorbed without leaving a trace. If you keep it in the fridge, it’s adds an extra cooling sensation when you apply it.

Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review. Resiliency Face Serum & Yasuni Face Balm. Green Beauty Blogger Gone Swatching xo

Even though I have oily skin, this is far from enough for moisturizing, which is what the company suggests. In fact I get the best results using this in conjunction with the Yasuni face balm. These two have definitely helped my breakouts and lightened darkness on my face.

Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review. Resiliency Face Serum Texture. Gone Swatching xo

Yasuni Face Balm


Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review. Yasuni Face Balm Ingredients List. Gone Swatching xo

I’m shocked at this balm. Honestly shocked. For me, it has a very earthy scent. Again, not one I enjoy but it’s subtle and does not linger. I’ve used balms before and I’ve been able to tolerate much thicker ones. I guess I didn’t expect this to be so nourishing because of how thin it ends up once it’s worked into the skin. It’s light and never leaves me feeling greasy.

Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review. Yasuni Face Balm. Boxwalla Beauty Box Subscription. Green Beauty Blogger. Gone Swatching xo

Despite this my skin has changed dramatically. I’ve always had texture on my cheek underneath my eyes. I recall an ex likened it to uncoooked chicken skin (something I was already fully aware of but oh so comforting to be reminded of). After using this for a week … Smooth! The pores are noticeably smaller. I’ve also always had exagerrated pores, around my nose. You know the ones that are so satisfying to declog with tweezers? Gone! The skin on my chin is smoother as well. So I guess what my skin has needed all this time is whatever moisturising magic is in this!

Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review. Yasuni Face Balm Texture. Gone Swatching xo

Final Word

I previously managed my skin with Claribel Skincare. As much as I love that range, I haven’t been able to tolerate it after I tried True Botanicals. I can’t pinpoint why I can’t anymore but honestly, MOST EFFECTIVE skincare at clearing congestion I’ve ever tried. It did sting a little, however I knew from that sensation it was working.

The fact that two gentle, light treatments have been enough to treat congestion without any type of stinging, burning or tingling is so surprising.

The congestion had been really bad and I do still get those little bumps here and there but majority of them have been cleared up by using this daily, morning and night. Not to mention the added bonus of completely resurfacing the texture on parts of my face. I mean, seriously? I’ve always known never to skimp on moisturising but no moisturiser or oil has had this effect. It only makes me want to try more.

Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review. Resiliency Face Serum. Gone Swatching xo

If there’s only one drawback, is that you do have to apply consistently to achieve results and maintain them. I don’t think this is the type of skincare that you can apply sporadically and achieve the same type of results. The Yasuni Face balm lasts, but at the rate I’m going through the Resiliency Face serum, I’ll be needing to buy again soon.

Another great thing about this company is that they offer sample/travel sizes, for anyone curious, hesitant or if you need smaller bottles to avoid losing any at airport security:

Official Website

Otherwise, if you’re interested in saving money on these two products, buy from Boxwalla as I did:

Boxwalla Beauty Box Subcription. Earthwise Beauty Skincare. Green Beauty Blogger Gone Swatching xo

Boxwalla One Time Box


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