Lepaar Wholistic Skincare Review – Luminous Face Balm

It is absolutely no secret that I have found one of my favourite skincare brands in Lepaar. Their products include thoughtfully curated ingredients, sourced worldwide, but then also sun-infused with extra loving care by Johanna and Christo.

Lepaar Wholistic Skincare Review by Gone Swatching xo. Luminous Beauty Balm

I was using their Velvet Sole Lip balm as my face balm, but I thought I’d give their Luminous Face balm a try.

As with all Lepaar products, Johanna chooses sun-infused whole plant extracts and seed oils. I especially love the sweet beeswax they source, it works wonders for my skin. 

Described as a balsam, ingredients such as rose extract, chamomile, carrot root and beeswax are blended to provide a moisture boost for irritated or inflamed skin. The golden texture is inbetween a balm and an oil serum, somewhat goopy and silky all at once. It simply melts onto the skin and the tiniest amount leaves my skin glowy, smooth and dewy; the perfect canvas for my Kjaer Weis cream foundation.

Lepaar Wholistic Skincare Luminous Beauty Balm Review by Gone Swatching xo.

Luminous Face Balm / Moisture Lock + Stress Recovery / 30ml or 1 fl oz for $150.00 AUD


Luminous Face Balm Review. Moisture Lock & Stress Recovery. Ingredients. Green & Non-toxic Beauty Blogger Gone Swatching xo

It has the most amazing scent too! I pick up on soft sweetness of Rose, delicious beeswax, followed by a headiness of the frankincense and myrrh. If you don’t like residual product it’s best to apply small amounts at a time. If I apply too much it can leave me feeling a touch sticky, but at night this works in my favour. It is amazing as a soothing balm, almost like a night mask. The next morning I always awake with glowy skin after layering this with my other skincare. It’s kept my skin feeling soft and cared for during a reaction to essential oils. I find I don’t always need my QueenBee Secrets Manuka Balm, though it does help seal it all in.

Luminous Face Balm Review. Moisture Lock & Stress Recovery. Gone Swatching xo

Final Word

They also sent me their smelling salts, which are a fantastic pick me up. It has a potent blend of Lepaar’s signature scent with vanilla, saffron, frankincense and myrrh bound together with himalayan sea salt. I’m surprised I enjoy this, because it’s stronger than I’d normally like, yet such a restorative hit to my senses. I keep it next to my collection and take a whiff whenever I need it.

Lepaar Wholistic Skincare Review by Gone Swatching xo. Luminous Beauty Balm & Smelling Salts

If I were to pick from this and their Velvet Sole lip balm, I’d actually pick the lip balm. One of the reasons being the higher price point of the Luminous Face balm when I actually prefer the texture of the lip balm. I feel that brightens my skin better than this one. That does include papaya seed oil, which is a gentle exfoliant. You may not want that aspect if you’ve already incorparated one into your routine.

If you’re not a balm person, then this is a good compromise as it’s not as heavy. It still offers the same moisturizing boost for dry, irritated skin in a smooth, gentle and heavenly scented balsam.

Luminous Face Balm Review. Moisture Lock & Stress Recovery. Green Beauty Blogger Gone Swatching xo

Next on my list are a few of their night time offerings, but there is plenty of time for me to experience those!


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