Best Natural, Organic & Non-toxic Makeup of 2018

Everyone seems to have had a big year in 2018 and I’m no different. New relationships, a new house and the ever changing puzzle that is life. My one constant has been this blog and I’m proud to see it grow.

Here’s to all the amazing makeup and skincare I tried this year. Green, clean beauty is bounding forward and I can’t wait to see what’s coming!


Artis Oval Brushes

After using these for at least half of the year, I only use a few of these on a daily basis now.

Oval 3 is perfect for putting colour in the crease, as well as all over the lid. My eye shape means that I have tiny lid space and this size works for me. Linear 1 lines my eyebrows, with precision and I can also soften any colour I’ve drawn on. I also love it for applying eyeliner. It diffuses the colour so well. I love using the Circle 1 for applying lip colour. You can’t apply it as opaque as it would be from the bullet itself but this works when I’m going for a more casual, lived in look. The final brush I use daily is the Oval 7. No matter what foundation I’ve used; liquid, cream or powder, it works. It’s not the best for mineral foundation but I’ve stopped using that now.


Ere Perez Eye Shadow Palette – Fay

I wish I could say every shade in this can be counted as a favourite but I only use 2. The best thing about this palette though is that you can buy the shades separately and fill your palette, or even a Z palette. So the reason this is included is because Fay is my go to for a neutral transition shade, or even one just to add a little depth. I also use Estelle as a liner because it’s not as harsh as a black pencil.


Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Desired Glow and Joyful

Cream blush has become my favourite way to warm up my cheeks and these two colours are by far my favourite from Kjaer Weis. Desired Glow wears as a warm nude, something that adds colour without being too feminine or bright. This is my every day colour for a no makeup look. Joyful is a touch brighter, pinker and warmer so it’s better for dressier more polished looks. I only wish that this was formulated without carmine.


Au Naturale Lipstain in Mousse

I will always love a nude lip and this one is nude, while not washing me out. I like that I can wear it without having to balance it out with strong eye makeup. The ingredients are some of the cleanest on the market and the only downside is the fragrance. It does linger a little too much.


Clove+Hallow Lipstick in Desert Rose

I prefer Desert Rose over the Au Naturale lip stains. They don’t have fragrance, the colour is beautiful and it’s also a very nourishing formula. They’re not quite as clean as others in the green beauty industry but still a great choice for anyone looking trying something new.


Nui Cosmetics Lipstick in Nyree

With a touch more peach I loved this nude the first time I tried it. One of the creamier and cleaner lipsticks I’ve tried this year, I think Nui have done really well creating this vegan line.


Nudus in Dreamtime

Another product I wish was created without carmine, but the rest of the ingredients are absolutely top notch. This is a redder, warmer colour than 27 Kisses and because of that I love how this looks.


Fitglow Lip Colour Cream in Love

Red has become on my favourite colours to wear and this one is no exception. It’s so bright and rather than being sultry, the pink undertones makes it feminine and so, so pretty.



Let me know what you think!

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