Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review

This review took a long time for me to finish because I initally started trialling this just after yet another reaction to some essential oils, but more about that later. Unfortunately this won’t be the most in-depth review, as I sadly wasn’t able to properly test all of these products. I’m sad that they didn’t work for me, but it in no way diminishes the amazing work and dedication Earthwise devote to all their skincare formulations.

Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review. Marshmallow Cleanser, Cistus & Moonlight Mist, Nap in the Meadow & Ferns & Moss Serums, Sungod Mask & Catharsis Mask. Gone Swatching x

My first Earthwise Beauty skincare items, the Yasuni Face balm and Resiliency Face serum changed my skin. After that really positive experience, I knew I just had to try more. These minis are an amazing idea in my opinion. There is more than enough to trial them and they’re great for travel. I bought almost a full routine, to see what new treasures I would find.

Earthwise Beauty Review. Marshmallow Cleanser, Cistus & Moonlight Mist, Nap in the Meadow & Ferns & Moss Serums, Sungod Mask & Catharsis Mask. Gone Swatching xo

Marshmallow Face Cleanser $24.00 USD or $36.00AUD for 15ml (0.5fl oz)

Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review. Marshmallow Face Cleanser. For allergies, psoriasis, eczema & light makeup removal. Gone Swatching x

The texture is quite fluid, which makes it a little hard to work with if you’re used to a cream. I found if you pump some out, add a little water in your hand and lather it with your fingers, it’ll make it easier to spread over your face. There are German, Roman and Moroccan chamomile essentials oils in here, which does make the fragrance a touch more medicinal than I’d like.

I did enjoy that this was a very gentle cleanser, that never left my skin stripped or tight. I wouldn’t rely on this as a makeup remover. You will feel the full benefits if you use this on a bare face. To further boost the nourishing effect, take the time to massage it in and it will leave your skin soft and smooth.

It contains marshmallow root, calendula and chamomile for soothing inflammation and healing the skin, while pumpkin seed oil helps heal and prevent acne.

Cistus and Moonlight Face Mist $18.00 USD or $27.00AUD  for 15ml (0.5fl oz)

Earthwise Beauty Review. Cistus & Moonlight Mist. Prepared with gem & flower essences aura mist. Gone Swatching xo

This is a floral sweet hydrosol, which is quite rich for my sensitive nose, though I can imagine it would be perfect for someone who loves something with this fragrance profile as it’s not cloying.

One of it’s main selling point however, it that it’s prepared with gem and flower essences, which make it an aura mist. Rainbow moonstone is touted to regulate hormones and mood swings. Mangano calcite is a healing, heart-comforting gem and clear quartz clears old energies.

Cold pressed aloe juice is long known for it’s healing qualities, while cistus hydrosol is included to combat signs of aging and is anti-bacterial. Unfortunately I was unable to see if it helped firm my skin, or minimize pores, because while it doesn’t contain Blue Chamomile, I found the cistus itself a little overpowering. It was however not one that irritated my skin, more my nose, so I found myself using it sparingly.

Nap in the Meadow Face Serum $18.00 USD or $27.00AUD for 5ml (0.17fl oz)

Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review. Nap in the Meadow. Aloe based serum for deep hydration, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, anti-aging & tissue repair. Gone Swatching x

This is formulated with powerhouse ingredients such as turmeric, yarrow oil and yes again blue chamomile. While it hasn’t worked for my skin, these ingredients have the ability to deeply hydrate, heal inflammation and repair sun damage.

If you prefer serums, this is light enough to sink in effortlessly, without leaving residue but still feeling more substantial than a watery essence.

I found the scent to be fresh with a touch of mint. It had the perfect, silky smooth texture that didn’t dry down sticky or pill underneath oil serums. I have personally found that my routine was lacking an aloe based serum like this, so I really wish it had worked for me!

Ferns and Moss Face Serum $24.00 USD or $42.00AUD for 5ml (0.17fl oz)

Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review. Ferns & Moss Serum. Oil based serum For Dry, mature, damaged skin. Gone Swatching x

A concoction of pure and potent seed oils such as andiroba, tamanu, seabuckthorn berry and manquetti, which makes it a deeply nourishing, repairing and detoxing treatment. It also avoids any typical fillers such as sunflower, safflower and grape seed oils.

They do mention that this is a heavier, slower absorbing serum but as I am very used to them, so it’s weight didn’t actually didn’t bother me much.

This is one of the few products that doesn’t contain Blue Chamomile, so I can’t be entirely sure whether any other ingredients irritated me. I would like to try this serum in the future as I find oil serums work so well for me.

Sungod Face Mask $14.00 USD or $27.00AUD for 4.2g (0.15oz)

Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review. Sungod Face Mask. Gone Swatching xo

As far as face masks go, I often have trouble with how much they draw the oils out of my skin. This one however feels much more nourishing and gentle. While it does have fuller’s earth clay, it’s not as strong as most clay masks. It contains no essential oils, rather pollen, shiitake and maitake mushrooms, calendula and sunflower petals which improve your skin over time.

I would definitely purchase this again, as it works as both a mask and a gentle exfoliant. It feels much more like a facial treatment, something you can indulge in on your self-care days. It’s quite enjoyable to use as it’s non-stripping and there are no heavy scents.

Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review. Sungod Face Mask. For eczema, psoriasis, sun damage & acne. Gone Swatching xo

Catharsis Face Mask $14.00 USD or $27.00AUD for 4.2g (0.15oz)

Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review.Catharsis Face Mask. For acne prone, mature skin, rosacea, psoriasis & eczema. Gone Swatching x

The Catharsis Face Mask is formulated without essential oils, clays or preservatives. This sounds like heaven to my skin! Surprisingly I found this more potent than the Sungod Face Mask. I believe it to be because of the neem leaf powder. To me, neem has a medicinal scent and I also found it had a cooling sensation on my skin. Formulated with ingredients such as algae, neem and aloe, Earthwise recommend this especially for acne treatment. It’s meant to have a stronger detox action than the Sungod Face Mask.

Due to the potency and scent, I definitely found myself reaching for this a lot less than Sungod. I feel that it was better suited to once a month or spot treatments.

Earthwise Beauty Skincare Review.Catharsis Face Mask. For acne prone, mature skin, rosacea, psoriasis & eczema. Texture shot. Gone Swatching x

Final Word

I became sensitized to the Resiliency Face serum along the way (due to other essential oils), so I haven’t repurchased. I thought though that while I’m sensitized these would be perfect to test, to see whether they would help normalise my skin.

Unfortunately for me the biggest take away is that my skin has decided it hates blue tansy/chamomile. It’s featured in the Marshmallow cleanser, Nap in the Meadow serum and the Resiliency serum. I gave all the products a break and tried to re-introduce each one after my skin had settled and came to the same conclusion regarding blue tansy.

Earthwise Beauty Review. Marshmallow Face Cleanser, Cistus & Moonlight Mist, Nap in the Meadow & Ferns & Moss Serums, Sungod Mask & Catharsis Mask. Gone Swatching xo

However the Ferns and Moss serum and the Sungod Face mask are products I’d reconsider trying again. The only reason I would hesitate, is due to the essential oils found in the serum. I have spent quite a while recovering my skin barrier and while I do believe they’d benefit my skin, I have definitely learnt my lesson and I’m much more wary!

So after all my ramblings, some hits, some misses; I still have a lot of love for Earthwise Beauty. They have some fantastic products, formulated with exceptional ingredients. Blue tansy is a hero ingredient to many, so I’m just one of the unlucky few it doesn’t benefit. I’m yet to reintroduce it into my skincare routine, so who knows. It might be something I can reconsider in the future.

The Sungod face mask is on my definite repurchase list. I also want to repurchase the Yasuni Face Balm and Earthwise Beauty have now curated a list of unscented offerings, so I might have to sneak in a few other items into my next order!

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